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Plugin Boutique launched a 50% OFF deal on the V Collection 8 premium virtual instrument collection by Arturia until March 14th, 2022.

V Collection 8 is a bundle of Arturia’s analog-inspired synthesizers and keyboard software. You can currently get this collection for a 50% discount at Plugin Boutique for $299 (retail $599).

Arturia’s massive instrument collection includes 28 renowned software synthesizers, based on iconic hardware synths of yesteryear. It includes instruments like electric pianos, acoustic pianos, organs, synths, digital synths, and string machines.

Most of the synths are based on legendary analog hardware synths and emulate them faithfully. All the instruments work as standalone applications and as plugins within a DAW.

The list of synths you get include:

  • Jun-6 V – Modeled after the Juno-6 vintage analog synth;
  • Emulator II V – Based on the E-mu Systems software synthesizers;
  • Vocoder V – Modeled after a vocoder but packed with much more functionality;
  • Jup-8 V – Modeled after the Roland Jupiter-8 synth;
  • Stage-73 V – Simulates a tine-based electric piano reminiscent of the 50s and 60s;
  • OB-Xa V – Modeled after Oberheim’s OB-Xa polyphonic analog subtractive synthesizer;
  • Synthi V – Modeled after the Synthi modular analog synth;
  • CZ V – Based on the Casio CZ synth;
  • Mellotron V – Modeled after a Mellotron;
  • CMI V – Modeled after the Farlight CMI synth;
  • DX7 V – Modeled after the well known classic Yamaha DX7;
  • Buchla Easel V – Modelled after Don Buchla’s leftfield analog synth;
  • Clavinet V – Modeled after a Clavinet;
  • ARP2600 V – Modeled after the ARP 2600 semi-modular analog subtractive synth;
  • B-3 V – Modeled after the B-3 electric organ;
  • CS-80 V – Modeled after the CS-80 with its two complete synth sound paths;
  • Farfisa V – Modeled after the Farfisa transistor organ;
  • Matrix-12 V – Modelled after the Matrix-12 from Operheim;
  • Mini V – A very familiar take on the monosynth made with the help of Bob Moog himself;
  • Modular V – A modular synthesizer with a massive array of controls and effects;
  • Piano V – Based on nine different unique and powerful pianos;
  • Prophet V – A 70’s-style polyphonic synth based on the Prophet 5;
  • Sem V – Modeled after Tom Oberheim’s SEM, one of the first portable synth modules;
  • Solina V – Modeled after a Solina String machine;
  • Synclavier V – An 80’s style full-sized synth;
  • VOX Continental V – Modeled after the VOX Continental;
  • Wurli V – Modeled after the classic Wurlitzer piano.

The bundle includes tutorials and guides on using the massive library with over 10,000 high-quality presets. The interfaces are nostalgic, easy to work with, and beautiful. And with Analog Lab V, it’s easy to browse through all of the synths and presets together.

The V Collection 8 works on both Windows and macOS in the VST2/VST3/AU/AAX formats, but M1 processors are not officially supported yet.

If you’re looking for a collection of synths for a variety of genres, this bundle is certainly worth it.

More info: Arturia V Collection 8 (50% OFF @ Plugin Boutique until March 14th, 2022)

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  1. Thank you Anshul,
    Hope that you are well.

    I will never ever buy Arturia. I got a few plugins “Free” and couldn’t even download them.

    Arturia is a no go for me.

    • really? I haven’t bought anything from Arturia – I only use their past free giveaways and have had no problems at all

    • i would think that their plugins are probably not the reason for your problems, maybe you should rather look for some things about your system that are not quite right.
      i never had issues with the couple of arturia plugins i tried, plus they make dope hardware for a reasonable price.
      i own the beatstep pro and the drumbrute impact, which i got after selling my older drumbrute. all of these devices feel really nice and are quite easy and intuitive to operate, and the price on the used market is absolutely all right if one wants to use real hardware.

    • Hey Dave,
      I’m great, hope you’re great too!

      As Jaime and MX said above, it’s likely some system issue that caused the problem. I have a few free Arturia plugins as well, and they work smoothly for me.
      I definitely recommend trying them again and checking out any future giveaways :)

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