Arturia Releases FREE Augmented STRINGS Intro Virtual Instrument


Arturia releases Augmented STRINGS Intro, a free virtual instrument for Windows and macOS.

Augmented STRINGS Intro combines sampled sounds with advanced synthesis. It delivers natural-sounding strings while offering more flexibility than purely sample-based virtual instruments.

The plugin is part of Arturia’s new Augmented Series of virtual instruments. You can download Augmented STRINGS Intro for free until April 30th, 2022.

Augmented STRINGS Intro comes with a clean interface that features eight control knobs. The user can adjust the Morph, Color, Time, Motion, Delay, Reverb, FX A, and FX B parameters.

The Morph knob is the most exciting control parameter on offer. It lets the user morph between two sound layers, leading to dramatic sonic transformations with the twist of a single knob.

Each preset comes with two sound layers that combine sampled strings and various synthesis techniques. Arturia states that Augmented STRINGS Intro utilizes subtractive, wavetable, harmonic, and granular synthesis. 

The instrument lets you explore the available sounds without going too deep with parameter customizations or any advanced synthesis knowledge. Arturia provided a streamlined user interface that lets the user focus on fine-tuning the sound with a few easy-to-understand macro controls.

Augmented STRINGS Intro reminds me of LABS in this regard. You’re getting stellar sounds packed in a clean interface with simple controls.

Here’s how Arturia describes the new instrument:

“Uniting quality string libraries with state-of-the-art synthesis, Augmented Strings Intro is your quickest route to the fresh string sound you’ve always wanted. Go beyond conventional libraries, virtual instruments, and familiar orchestral timbres, and elevate your string sounds to inspiring new heights. Whether you’re a composer, producer, sound designer, or anything in between, effortlessly control an enhanced hybrid ensemble that’ll set your production alight.”

You can hear the Augmented STRINGS Intro plugin in action in the official demo video below.

And here’s an in-depth Augmented STRINGS Intro tutorial from Arturia.

While Augmented STRINGS Intro may look simple on the outside, it packs an astonishing amount of sample content mixed with a flexible synthesis engine. Arturia claims that they sampled “over 60 articulations across double bass, cello, viola, and violin.”

At the same time, the plugin uses “state-of-the-art synthesis architecture from the minds behind Pigments and V Collection.”

Please note that you need to install the Arturia Software Center license manager to activate your free copy of Augmented STRINGS Intro.

The software is compatible with 64-bit VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin hosts on Windows (Win 8.1+) and macOS (10.13+).

Download: Augmented STRINGS Intro (FREE until April 30th, 2022)


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  1. Can see why they are getting with NI. This is very much like NI’s Play series, though it appears to be less tweakable.

    • at least the “acoustic” side of this instrument is trying to be a realistic emulation of the instrument, from what i understand. NI play series is not that at all

      • Always whining, cryning, & fkn complain smgdh.. So sick of yawl, IE idiot purest.. Just stfu & make music, how bout that?? Doesn’t MATTER wtf you have or use.. You make the best out of whatever you have bottomline.. And if N.I is so chyt, then why are they the INDUSTRY LEADERS & STANDARD overall for most REAL, serious music producers?? Exactly.. Your opinion means chyt.. Only to YOURSELF does your basless assertions mean anything facts

        For your info “The Play Series” is NOT suppose to be NATURAL ACOUSTICS/SOUNDS smh! Essentially it’s a highend ROMPLER with GREAT synthesis functionality.. They have PLENTY OF OFFERINGS, VSTi’s based on >>>THE BEST ACOUSTIC SOUNDING PLUGINS THAT WILL ABSOLUTELY CHYT ON ARTURIAS “New” String plugin which is A RIP OFF>>NOT WHEN YOU CAN STACK & LAYER them with any other sounds to make more in depth sound?? So who fkn cares.. Just get on here to B*** & whine.. Like someone cares about you w*rthless opinions personally..

        CAN YOU MAKE BETTER VST’s than Native Instruments?? Then stfu.. And YES I do own ALL the play series instruments.. They are/were made EXCLUSIVELY for, & with the >>> (MODERN DAY) producer in mind who creates (urban, Black) HIP HIP, Trap, Trap Soul, R&B etc.. It’s NOT for ROOCK, POP, ALTERNATIVE, INDIE etc

        So stop with the idiocy and act like you understand the difference.. What it is is you expect PERFECTION from COMPUTER programing of what natural sounds, IE Acoustics would sound like.. If that’s the case get OFF the gah darn computer and get back on the (Analogous) HARDWARE gear units, >>>and or actual REAL instruments if you know how to play any that is period, & if you can’t do so, at a pro level, then WHY are you even talking about this subject matter whe you can’t even play 1 note, lick one string any how lmao smh..

        BASHING one the best music software (Keyword being software here) developement companies over the past 25 years won’t make your music any better you know that right????

        And TRUST I have had my fair share frustrations/issues with N.I bkz I’ve been a USER FOR 10+ years, 14 years to be exact facts.. I own the “MASCHINE” groove Box line of products amongst others. I am quit familiar with their REPUTATION, the good, the ugly & the BAD sir!!

        So best believe this is NOT about ME >>fighting for N.I bkz I could give 0 phkxz understand? Before you even try to come back with that redundant bs.

        Bkz I’m not getting paid one dime to fight their image, product perception battles.. But what I do is I>>> get sick & TIRED of all the gah darn COMPLAINING, & whining of GROWN MEN as if they were WOMEN or CHILDREN bkz things aren’t the way THEY say it should be, things both the aforementioned do behaviorally.. My question is & WHO TH are you sir that we should care so much about your whining, crying opinion?? Exactly, >>>nobody just like everyone else fohwtbs bruh lol smh

        Save the semantics,>>> the 1st World Country (SPOILED TEARS) & whining for those who actually have turly HARD lives!! Everything is not always what we want it to be in this life & that is a fact.. Be GLAD, happy that we’ve come THIS FAR with the approach to music making with computers, natural, & or unnatural sounding as they maybe as we know that is the current present, and into the FUTURE!! This is NOT 1900’z Sir, & you are not Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis sir. We are in the 21st century headed into the 22cnd..

        Again.. If you want TRUE 2 LIFE strings I advise you go buy a VIOLIN, a CELLO, a GUITAR etc & so forth, or GO HIRE a 20 PIECE ORCHESTRA how bout that for real “ACOUSTICS” strings.. Looking for the right things in all the>>>>wrong places will never serve, bode you well.

        So though what you’re saying may have tangible merit contextually, it’s a waste of time to expect something that never could be delivered in comparison to the REAL THING smdh!! COMPUTERS are not REAL/ ORGANIC, true to life in environments etc.. >>>>>>>>>>>Hence why they call them “VIRTUAL”. Meaning not truly actually in EXISTENCE!! It’s more so in our “Perception” how we see things..

        With real Acoustic instruments there is NO perception of what it could, or should be/sound like bkz it IS wtf it is & we know that when we see a per say “Steinway Piano” & or a “Gibson Guitar” etc what it’s suppose to sound like organically, & we do so bkz again, it IS wtf it is, a natural instrument made by MAN’S hands by way of Gods inspiration, inspiring us..

        But what THOSE 2 natural instruments can’t do is what COMPUTERS can do with natural sound, & or synthesis. Using synthesis technology>>to BEND & blur the lines of what is actually (real) sounding and “SYN-thetic” sounding,>>get it SYNTHESIS!!

        That’s why it’s called that.. It admits to it’s self to be FAKE, NOT REAL, an IMPOSTER to the real thing, IE synthetic-al version of the real life acoustical mimicking.. But they darn sure do a GREAT job at pretending, being an imposter I would say..

        But kill the crying, complaining, whining bruh bkz NO ONE, I mean no one! That’s NOT what we come here for.. We come for POSITIVY, not negativity & YOU are bring that into the equation with you biased opinions, & assertions bkz what if, just what if others do NOT share the same perspective as you do about N.I, Play Series or whatever bkz the name brand topically doesn’t matter, it could have been anyone. .What matters is you DARK, negative energy that you brought to our forum, vestige of PEACE & POSITIVITY facts on God!! We got, get absolutely enough negativity in our daily lives, on social/ mainstream, family relations, romantic relations etc

        We do not need you doubling down on the pessimism sir thank you very kindly.. So do us ALL a solid/huge favor.>> Just go in a room of your preference and (scream) at a wall lol smh

        • idk fams, feels like NI has been on the decline for a good minute!
          djs have long switched to serato
          most producers have long switched to any of the MPCs
          maschine jam? maschine studio? seriously?
          kontakt, which was only ever big to play REAL SOUNDING instruments is definitely on the fckz decline, considering more and more are either switching to other library hosts, or creating their new own one. or are doing modelling anyway so no host is needed
          massive was huge 10 years ago, they tried to follow up with massive X, they flopped
          guitar rig might make them a few bucks
          but does anybody actually use any other NI effects? lmao hell no
          reaktor definitely reached its peak with version 5
          why do you think that all of a sudden, their focus went from actually making “professional” plugins, to just selling more presets and “instruments that are sure to spark your creativity, no matter how you are feeling”, like the fckzin play series?
          they know pro’s are not buying anything anymore, so let’s make some easy money on these producers that know absolutely nothing, by selling them absolutely nothing

          • I have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), & it is possible for those like us to go off the rails like this after being triggered about something we’re passionate about. I’ve had to work hard all my life to learn to manage it, but i’ll never completely be “cured”.

            Don’t know what’s wrong with “J”, but just felt like saying that mental illnesses are not something to laugh at. ;)

            • You the man. A voice of reason. The inside scoop. Light bringer. etc. RESPECT to your compassion. <3 Replying with condemnation, or sarcasm to what is clearly a (well founded) emotional outburst, is maybe less than classy.

        • I get it bud. I really do. You clicked it. I agree. I think its just about demonstrating what you believe. I use to have this kinda rant on youtube about everything from nutrition to politics, music to games… What i learnt was that the only power i have is over myself and the longer the rant is, the less it gets read. That said. I feel the same as you do, but the same ungrateful immaturity that drives the commentators you’re fed up with, BLOCKS THEM FROM YOUR TRUTH. So the lesson is for you to DEMONSTRATE your truth and shield yourself from the negativity that others thrive on.

          Out-evolve these tragic materialistic suckers that will never reach musical mastery. You see the light, make sure YOU DEMONSTRATE. And lets all of us finish our annual albums!

  2. nice,but still the intro thing,there are more than 1 sound each side,but you can only switch them by change presets,which made this less cool.

  3. A tip for people trying to download from the installation manager. Don’t do it. Instead find the download link from the support area on the website.

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