Fuzzploid Is A FREE Fuzz Pedal Plugin For Windows


Shameless Plugs releases Fuzzploid, a no-nonsense freeware fuzz pedal VST plugin for Windows.

Fuzzploid from Shameless Plugs is a free preview of a larger project still in development (due for release later in 2022).

One of the first things you’ll find out on the product page is that the Fuzzploid algorithm is entirely new. Shameless Plugs didn’t borrow it from third-party code or model existing hardware circuitry. It’s interesting because many guitar-based freebies tend to be emulations of specific hardware units.

Sometimes, it’s nice to go in without expectations and be surprised by the sound, so that’s cool.

The simple interface has just four knobs:

  • In – Input gain ranging from 0dB to levels that Marty McFly would be hesitant to push into the fuzz circuitry. In other words, 0dB to +60dB.
  • Fuzz – This knob will take you from some overdrive and distortion to more overdrive and distortion to pure fuzz and absolute filth.
  • Tone – Shifts low pass and high pass filters in tandem.
  • Out – Basic output level control

The GUI might be simple, but it’s not lacking in precision control. The Shift and Ctrl keys allow you to make small adjustments for fine-tuning when using the mouse. Alternatively, you can type exact values into the boxes below each control.

Shameless Plugs describes Fuzzploid as brash, brutal, and in-your-face, which seems fitting. Despite the description, the developers also say it can do clean (if it really has to) but excels in dirty.

The product page offers a few use cases, from the typical feeding into an amp to going straight into a cabinet simulator. It also gives some handy tips on adding harmonics to bass guitar/synth sounds.

Shameless Plugs has another couple of freebies on offer in The Dom and Tilde~Q, both previews of future paid products. If you are looking for a different kind of distortion, you could try Smaolab’s Tarabia Mk1 that we covered recently.

Fuzzploid is available in 64-bit VST format for Windows. You can download the plugin directly from the product page linked below (no registration required).

Download: Fuzzploid (975 KB download size, ZIP archive, 64-bit VST plugin format for Windows)


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    VINYLIZER V2 is free with discount code. (Actually found it only on dixonbeats, don’t know source of code, but it works!)

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