Thenatan Launches $20 Deal On TAPE + FREE Unreleased Plugin


Thenatan currently offers their tape simulator plugin TAPE for only $20 (a $79.50 USD value). For absolutely FREE, the first 1,000 buyers to snag this deal will also get CLONE, a new and unreleased Thenatan plugin.

Retro, lo-fi, and vintage are all hot terms in the production world right now. TAPE by Thenatan delivers all of these possibilities in one user-friendly and aesthetic package.

As the company declares, TAPE was designed to be “a perfect meticulously simulator of the most famous Cassettes and Cassette Players of All the Time.”

As most producers know, vintage tape effects like tape delay can bring a track to life. This plugin features various effect controls and makes it relatively easy to add vintage warmth and feel to your tracks.

The TAPE plugin’s forefront is a set of seven faders, each controlling various effects. Users can choose between different noise levels, space, echo, glitch, drive, 8-bit, and drops.

Most of these effects are pretty self-explanatory, but Thenatan proclaims that the Glitch fader is “the most creative part of The Tape” as it allows users to stretch and repeat the audio signal and then layer it back into the output signal.

Beyond these seven effects faders are a selection of six additional buttons that simulate different cassette player styles.

These cassette styles add a variety of tonal qualities to your tracks.

Depending on what style you select, it’s possible to simulate classic noisy tapes and even make your audio sound like it’s coming from an old-school radio.

TAPE also includes over 70 factory presets and an easy-to-use preset browser system- it makes it relatively easy to find a vibe you’re looking for fast.

As a final BONUS OFFER, Thenatan is including CLONE, an unreleased plugin, for the first 1,000 producers who purchase TAPE at its sale price of $20 USD.

And if you want more tape saturation options, check out BPB Saturator and FerricTDS mkII.

TAPE works in 32, and 64-bit Windows 7,8 10 and above. It also works in 64-bit macOS X 10.9.5 Mavericks and above.

This plugin is compatible with all DAWs that support VST, VST3, and AU. It is not compatible with Pro Tools (no AAX).

More info: TAPE

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