Acustica Audio Releases FREE Jet Dynamic EQ


Acustica Audio releases Jet, a FREE dynamic EQ for macOS and Windows.

Jet is the latest of what has been a consistent run of releases from Acustica Audio. Like previous Acustica Audio products we’ve covered, Jet comes with a few freebies and a range of paid volumes.

There are two free players, Jet (primarily for bus purposes) and Jet Mix (primarily for mix purposes).

The free Jet players include three different EQ models for the Dynamic EQ section.

The first is a sampled EQ with a set of LF and HF band frequencies taken from Acustica Audio’s Eminence plugin.

The other two are algorithmic EQs with a set of LF and HF band frequencies called Digital Shelf and Digital Shelf HQ 2X.

Whenever we talk about Acustica Audio, we tend to mention how convoluted the website is, and I think it’s a fair comment. It’s a bit like going into a restaurant with a 20-page menu and infinite flavor combinations that get so confusing that you’re just not hungry anymore.

But, since I’m pointing that out (again, in the hope of change), I should also point out that, by many accounts, Acustica Audio products get outstanding results!

Acustica Audio designed Jet to be more flexible than a static EQ. The concept was to create a dynamic EQ that allowed you to cut frequencies when and where you choose, not a blanket cut for the entire track. Of course, one of the main objectives was to make Jet easier to use than complex alternatives.

Jet is a hybrid plugin, a 50/50 split of analog and digital emulation, and it boasts a decent feature set. The main features include a powerful compressor, internal/external sidechaining, and a resizable GUI.

While the focus is on the dynamic EQ, static EQ is also available. Jet has three operation modes, Stereo, Mid, and Side.

If you want to add another24 emulations (twelve sampled and twelve algorithmic) to the collection, you can purchase Jet Volume A for €99.

As we mentioned recently, with the Silver spring reverb, you’ll have to download the Aquarius product manager to install Acustica Audio plugins.

Jet is available in AU, VST, VST3, and AAX formats for macOS and Windows.

Download: Acustica Audio Jet


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