GPU Audio Announces FREE Beta Plugin Suite And AMD Support


GPU Audio announces the forthcoming free beta plugin suite and compatibility with AMD graphics cards.

GPU Audio is behind the revolutionary technology which uses the incredible processing power of graphics cards for DSP processing. Earlier this year, they released a free FIR Convolution Reverb, which we reported on – a free VST plugin that serves as a ‘proof of concept’ for their innovative technology.

They’ve just announced an entire beta suite of plugins, coming for free very soon, which you can sign up for here.

The idea behind GPU Audio’s groundbreaking approach is to offload DSP processing to a local or remote graphics card, a highly tuned device in many computers which has been previously unutilized for music and sound. This enables instantly-rendered audio, zero-latency performance, and prevents DSP bottlenecks by taking the load off the main CPU.

GPU Audio announced an official partnership with and support for AMD GPUs after months of close collaboration with the tech giant. They already have an official partnership with NVIDIA, supporting a vast range of graphics cards, and have recently divulged that they have a technical partnership with Apple, bringing GPU Audio support to macOS soon.

The beta suite will feature fifteen GPU-powered effect units aimed at musicians and producers to create and craft their music. The first release in the beta suite will be the Modulation bundle, featuring three classic effects, including a Chorus, Phaser, and Flanger.

This collection will showcase the incredible dexterity of their platform for audio, with an SDK also in development for third parties to release plugins on this next-generation platform in the coming months.

Their early access FIR convolution reverb was released in March and received a decent amount of attention at this year’s NAMM show:

You can still download the early-access convolution reverb plugin for free, but all eyes are on GPU Audio’s upcoming beta suite. Be the first to get your hands on this brand new suite of plugins by signing up on the page linked below.

More info: GPU Audio beta suite (sign up to join the beta and get notified when the beta plugins are released)

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    • They say it will support Apple, AMD and nvidia cards in the VST3 format in the release. For development, always assume they will be focusing on current class software, not unsupported older DAWs and OS’s.

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