Ronan Fed Releases FREE RF-DSP Multi-Effect


Ronan Fed released RF-DSP, a freeware multi-effect in VST plugin format for compatible DAW software on Windows.

RF-DSP is a multi-effect unit consisting of a 3-band parametric EQ, a delay, a hall reverb, a compressor, a stereo enhancer, and a multi-mode distortion. Each module can be bypassed to reduce CPU consumption.

The included FX modules are arranged horizontally on the GUI, starting with the EQ on the left and ending with the stereo enhancer on the right. The top section sports a global bypass switch, input and output gain controls, and the preset browser.

The effects come with just the right amount of control parameters to make RF-DSP versatile yet easy to use. It’s not as foolproof as a one-knob plugin, but you won’t be confused or annoyed by staring at too many knobs, either.

The parametric EQ lets you adjust each band’s gain, frequency, and Q. The delay module is perhaps the most tweakable of the bunch, with multiple processing modes, damping, delay offset, a multi-mode resonant filter, and a feedback knob.

The distortion module is the most straightforward one. It only features a gain knob and a drop-down menu for choosing one of the four available modes (saturation, overdrive, bitcrushing, and hard clipping).

Obviously, RF-DSP won’t substitute your go-to compressor or your favorite delay plugin. But, it works surprisingly well as a creative effect for adding interest to select tracks in your project.

The developer published a demo video showing how RF-DSP can quickly you can reshape the sound of an electronic drum kit. The transformation is quite impressive, to be honest.

And speaking of plugins that work great on drums, check out our free BPB Dirty Filter if you haven’t already. It can distort, boost, or completely obliterate any piece of audio you send its way.

RF-DSP is available for free download from Ronan Fed’s website. It is available in VST2 and VST3 plugin formats for 64-bit digital audio workstations on Windows.

UPDATE: Ronan Fed’s plugins are no longer available.

Download: RF-DSP


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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


    • I am asking because my main focus is VST synths. FX I already got, so I am wondering if this can take the place of any free stuff I already have ?

    • They are false positives generated by files created with the free programs InstallForge or Inno Setup, I have already explained it several times, including in the FAQ section of my website. I recommend that if you do not have confidence do not install, but don’t spread warnings discrediting me. I am an independent developer and musician. I don’t do this for profit or donations and I never will, I do it because I like to share my work with others. It’s uncomfortable to read on websites they accuse me of spreading malware. If this situation continues I will close all my sites.

  1. It’s not April Fools – yet. The link is a great series of clip art ads. If the vaporware shows up somewhere else, let us know.

    • 3 times this man posted this. Incredible! Are you obsesed man?

      They are false positives generated by files created with the free programs InstallForge or Inno Setup, I have already explained it several times, including in the FAQ section of my website. I recommend that if you do not have confidence do not install, but don’t spread warnings discrediting me. I am an independent developer and musician. I don’t do this for profit or donations and I never will, I do it because I like to share my work with others. It’s uncomfortable to read on websites they accuse me of spreading malware. If this situation continues I will close all my sites.

      • Jeffrey Price


        So sorry this is happening man. The majority of us trully appreciate what you do. Please don’t let one person discourage you. Your vst’s are excellent!

    • you just downloaded on shady websites don’t you?

      ronan fed’s website and plugins for free website have no intentions to insert viruses.

      REMEMBER: those diagnostics are false positives.

  2. Is it me that is stupid ? I tend to go with VST2 versions, but has VST3 inbuilt resize function from the get go ?

    • why always go with vst2? i tend to go with vst3, even vs au
      always understood vst3 in be the most usefull in most cases, unless for a very specific issue

      • My preconception is that VST3 use more CPU on my system, and I can’t install them to the folder of my preference. But I guess I should start to use VST3 versions more when available, seeing the add benefits the format has over VST2

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Not all, just some plugins are resizable. It doesn’t have anything to do with the plugin format, afaik.

      • I got confused after I googled this article about the difference between VST2 and VST3, and point 7 mentions Resizable GUI and that VST3 plugins can be scaled in size as required

        • You are correct, the VST3 SDK/API provides ways for the plugin and host to give scale info or be informed of a resize action. But of course the plugin has to support this. Nowadays many frameworks will support these functions, even with simple bitmap graphics. Ronan Fed plugins are made with SynthEdit and afaik it’s not capable of doing so atm, every graphical element is in a fixed position.

    • Gregory Smith


      I feel bothered about the troubles that you’ve been experiencing. It can sometimes seem a bit like a thankless task that you’ve been engaged in, I imagine. Thank you for this plugin.

        • You’re right, Ronan, I fully understand your state of mind. Nobody is obliged to download your free plugins, so they will do without them. We all, unfortunately. Of course, it’s a shame that free developers are stepping away from the web, but your choice is understandable. Thank you for freely offering your work.


        • Why? One guy tells you he has a virus, you tell him it’s a false positive. Do not take everything as if it were the end of the world and leave others without enjoying your plugins. I have installed a couple of your plugins and I have not had any problem.

        • In the words of the Anchorman: That escalated quickly !
          Instead of hosting them yourself, hope you can host them on a platform like plugins4free or other such sites

        • I hope you will let the steam go off for a while and reconsider. But your decision is in the end the only one that matters.
          Yes, some people are a bit touchy when it comes to viruses. But at least using Virustotal was a good idea and a legitimate concern, you are afterall a “new” dev on the scene. Granted, All The Young People Of Today should learn what heuristics are. If you feel demoralized, you should read about the Analog Obsession guy, he had real troubles when going public, including real viruses scare and is now in a much better place. Take it easy, try not to take everything personal all the time. I know, it’s real hard sometimes. Trust that on some forums and websites, some users will work for you as a gratitude towards your generosity of sharing your plugins. Building a community takes time. Don’t waste it on forums answering every little thing, but respond once on your website and-or link to forum posts written by people that might be more trusted than you are at the moment.

          • In this day and age computer viruses are no longer a nuisance, they are almost wiped out, you have to go out of your way to contract one.
            Anybody using legit Windows 10, why use anything else than Microsoft Defender now?
            I am bit annoyed that the user calling “the virus” is using a name Humanoide, which is too close to the one I have been using on this blog for several years

  3. new auroradsp 510 eq (api style eq) – intro price at 10usd, not sure what the full price will be, but when creating an account and signing up for newsletter, a code is sent to download this for free at checkou

    • Michal Ochedowski


      I created a new account, signed up for the newsletter and received a voucher. Unfortunately when I went to apply it in my shopping cart, there was a pop-up window that the code has already been used. What? Strange practice from AuroraDSP. We’ll see if they even respond to my message.

  4. Hello.

    I want to tell you all that my life doesn’t revolves around these things: plugins and music production are a hobby.
    I’m not a pro developer (I don’t even consider myself a developer), so that’s why I always offered my stuff for free.

    Now, with this decision, I’ve gotten rid of the problem of reading some crap on the web everyday (or maybe not?)

    I will continue creating plugins for myself because I love it and I like SynthEdit (I started using it in 2021 and became addictive to me)

    I started distributing the plugins because some asked me to do so on YouTube, so I also created a very basic website (free hosting) so they could download them.
    Then I created installers because some people had problems on how to install (nobody reads the readme.txt).
    Also because the SynthEdit plugins contains several files in one folder, besides the dll or vst3, and it’s a mess and confusing to some people.
    Then the problems with the detections of VirusTotal began. I got tired of explaining that it was safe, everywere, and they didn’t believe and distrust was growing.
    I know I’m not have experience on the field (soft development, installers) and never was my intention to dedicate a considerable part of my time to this.
    I did what I did just to improve myself and eventually to help others (believe it or not) and apparently I made many mistakes. It’s not my place.

    It was an effot, that’s rigth, but I’m not sad about the decision, on the contrary.
    And I don’t have weak nerves, as some guy said, I just think I don’t have to run into the trouble (of defending myself constantly) when I don’t have the need to.
    People are offered something for free, with good intentions, and they think they have the right to make demands, give you crapy advices, insult you, and destroy your reputation, if they can (Everyone thinks they are experts) and you have to put up with that without doing anything?
    You don’t like or don’t trust in my free product, well, so I take it away.

    Someone said somewere that I’m throwing away all the hard work and I won’t be happy anymore.
    And this is my answer to him:
    I’m not throwing away nothing man, I will keep using my plugins with enthusiasm and improving them.
    What are you thinking man? That I’m looking for fame or recognition? Ha ha, You have such a poor vision of life!

    I closed all my other sites: YouTube, KVR, etc. and I’m not answering any more emails.

    Finally I want to say that I do not support the free software sites that distribute my plugins and ask for donations.

    So long…

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      All I can say is that I’m sorry to see a promising developer go, but your reasoning makes sense. I’ve encountered similar problems when releasing freeware plugins for the first time. There were false positives in VirusTotal, and that took some time to fix. This, of course, is the last thing you need when you just want to share some plugins for free while you’re busy with other work. As for the free software hosting your plugins without permission and asking for donations, you can always ask them to remove your software. One such website hosted my freeware software without permission, so I asked them to remove it.

      • I appreciate your response and understanding. As for the free software sites, I already contacted them, but they ignored my request.

        • Tomislav Zlatic


          That sucks because that’s basically stealing (even though the plugins are freeware). They reacted very quickly to my message back in the day. As for your freeware plugins, if you ever plan to release them again in the future, feel free to contact me, and I’ll help with the VirusTotal stuff. Already went through the process of contacting individual AV vendors and asking them to manually check the installers that were falsely flagged as malware. Cheers!

  5. WoW…Ronan…I’m glad I stayed up till almost 1am a few days ago and downloaded all your plugins…I was so tired and thought was it really worth it?!…but as I started playing around with your plugins…I realized that you created some gems!!…some bangers!!!…some…well you get the point!!…I was strongly considering recommending them to another music maker…unfortunately I procrastinated…again…I LOVE YOUR PLUGINS…AND I SINCERELY APPRECIATE YOUR WORK!!!

    …especially ‘RF-SoundFont’…’Pneuma’…and ‘RF-Bassline’ (this is probably one of the best…if not the best bass synth I have)!!

    This is a cruel world…where people don’t even appreciate someone’s genuine effort to give back to the music community!

    • Probably a long shot, but any chance you still have the download files to share? This looked really cool but didn’t catch it in time >.<

  6. If anyone has the download files to share with a fellow BP, it would be extremely appreciated! Real shame out this all shook out >.< Thanks either way guys, and keep producing!

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