ANWIDA Soft Chorus Is FREE For A Limited time


Anwida Soft offers the Chorus plugin as a FREE download for a limited time.

Chorus by Anwida Soft is a chorusing effect plugin for macOS and Windows.

We’ve already covered quite a few plugins from Anwida Soft, and they usually start as freebies. So, like previous releases, you can grab Chorus free, but for a limited time only, and we aren’t entirely sure when the offer expires (also like previous releases).

One of the things we’ve come to expect from Anwida Soft is plugins that place function way above style, which is a good thing.

To be clear, when I say function over style, these plugins don’t look bad; they just don’t include anything unnecessary.

Chorus shares the same simple GUI as the most recent releases, with six parameter knobs and a single Level slider.

You get controls for Delay, Depth, Degree, Rate, Feedback, and Mix.

Chorus is such a commonly-used effect, and there are countless examples of suitable use cases. But, despite being so common and possibly becoming uncool for some, it remained one of the best-loved effects for many.

At its most basic, a chorus effect mimics multiple musicians playing or singing the same thing. It does so by simulating slight differences in pitch and timing that would occur between two or more musicians.

Obviously, it’s a nice way to thicken your sound or add warmth. You can use the effect throughout an entire track or just to lift specific sections.

Chorus works well with most sounds, especially guitars, synths, keys, and vocals.

I love a subtle chorus effect on an otherwise pretty average polysynth when playing funky chord stabs. The Roland Juno-60 Chorus comes to mind when thinking of synths.

If you need a new chorus effect or want something simple, download Chorus while it’s free; it could be gone anytime.

To get Chorus for free, you must create an account at Anwida Soft (otherwise, it costs $12). Be sure to check out earlier releases, like The Phaser and C-Delay.

Chorus is available in 64-bit AU and VST3 formats for macOS (10.10 – 12) and Windows (7-11). Visit the product page linked below and log in (or register) to your ANWIDA Soft account to access the Chorus license for free.

Download: Anwida Soft Chorus (FREE for a limited time)


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