BPB Deal: W.A. Production Mastering Bundle Is 80% OFF For BPB Readers


Get 80% off W.A. Production Mastering Bundle with this BPB exclusive deal.

W.A. Production brings us a lot of deals and freebies this Halloween, but this one is exclusively available for BPB readers.

The Mastering Bundle retails for $199, and you can get it at the discounted price of $159.20. Any discount is good, but, you know, we prefer prices that are as close to free as possible.

So, with the code BPBMASTERING (exclusive), you can bump that discount up to a massive 80%.

The offer ends on October 31st, 2022.

The bundle features five plugins to help you achieve punchier and cleaner mastering.

The King 2 is an all-in-one mastering plugin of sorts. It’s intended for use at the end of your mastering chain and individual channels.

This multi-band compressor provides a range of mastering presets in a newly upgraded preset browser. The preset browser is just one of several interface/compatibility upgrades found in The King version 2. It also features a Magic EQ knob that allows you to switch between three unique EQ curves.

SphereComp is a dual-mode compressor plugin that can handle both digital-style peak compression and analog-style RMS compression.

This easy-to-use plugin is handy for parallel compression, side-chaining, and adding punch and saturation whenever needed.

Vocal Limiter is a simple limiter providing accurate real-time visual feedback. The plugin offers four types of auto-release and click/pop free bypass. It’s easy to fall into a cycle of messing with vocals too much, so it’s always good to have a simple yet powerful tool in your locker.

Next up is Helper Equalizer from the Helper Plugins 2 suite. The cleverly-designed plugin offers five different EQ shapes and channel modes.

Helper Equalizer delivers precision sound-shaping while being an extremely user-friendly and CPU-friendly plugin. It comes with ten factory presets.

Punchy Worm is a plugin we covered a while back. It’s a one-knob punch and saturation plugin with 4X oversampling. More importantly, it features a dancing worm, which, as you all know, is the solution to all mixing and mastering problems.

As a bonus, you’ll get a free copy of the Cinematic Mega Pack with your purchase. While in the cinematic mood, check out Cinematic SFX by Flame Sounds.

Don’t forget to enter our UNO Synth Pro giveaway if you haven’t already; there’s still time.

IMPORTANT: Remove everything else from your shopping cart for the coupon code to work.

Get the deal: W.A. Production Mastering Bundle (use coupon code BPBMASTERING to get 80% OFF)


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  1. Hello James.

    A typo ?

    If the price falls from $199 to $159, it make 20% off. Not 80%.

    It the discount is 80% off, the price would fall from $199… to $40.


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