Plugin Boutique Offers The $20 Black Friday Plugin Bundle


Plugin Boutique has put in place an exclusive Black Friday Plugin Bundle of five plugins that will change your sound for the better. You save 163$ on plugins you would normally get for 183$ a piece.

Black Friday is still a couple of weeks away, but we can already get some huge discounts on music production software.

Let’s dive into Black Friday Plugin Bundle‘s details.

StereoSavage 2 Elements

StereoSavage 2 Elements is a versatile tool fit for stereo creation, metering, modulation, and image control. It includes practically everything you’d need to make your stereo mix sound lively. With all of these choices in one plugin, it’s simple to switch between presets and experiment with different ways on your audio to discover what works.

Its interface is easy-to-use, as it simply has a visual graph to monitor stereo activity and three knobs to control pan, width, and rotation.

Surreal Machines Diffuse

Diffuse is a hybrid plugin that gives you the best of both worlds: an analog-modeled delay with a traditional reverb architecture found in early digital devices. You can intuitively transition between delays and reverbs and have total control over smearing, echoes, and damping.

Its interface has no visual aspect to it, but you won’t need more than a couple of minutes to get a feel of what everything does.

Glitch Machines Cryogen

Cryogen is a modular buffer effects processor that generates abstract melodic glitches.

Cryogen has two buffer effects, two multimode filters, and a dual-bit crusher effect. Cryogen can generate everything from minor glitches to dramatic signal mutations thanks to its flexible architecture and completely modular drag-and-drop modulation matrix, making it an exciting creative tool for electronic artists and sound designers.


BLEASS Phaser is a multi-purpose phasing effect that can produce everything from resonant swirls to magnificent ambient stereo sounds.

Your modulation collection wouldn’t be complete without a phaser, and BLEASS got your back. It provides you with all of the classic phasing effects via 40 refined presets that you can experiment with, as well as a huge array of stereo functions and interweaving modulations via its frequency & spread LFOs.

W.A Combustor

A one-stop plugin with adaptive saturation processing that gives character and grit to your audio. Combustor has all of the compressor settings you’d expect, as well as unexpected surprises, such as 5 distinct saturation models and a plethora of sound shaping possibilities. This plugin may enhance bass lines with harmonics, add snap to percussion, and make your voices sing.

This was just a quick overview of each plugin. As you may have noticed by now, these are pretty complex plugins with amazing possibilities for a modest price of 20$. So get yours.

Get the deal: Black Friday Plugin Bundle


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