Vapor Dimension By Karanyi Sounds Is FREE For A Limited Time


Karanyi Sounds offer the Vapor Dimensions ($49 value) modulation plugin as a FREE download for a limited time.

Vapor Dimension is a vintage-style modulation plugin by Karanyi Sounds. Packed full of chorus and phaser effects, this plugin is great for widening sounds and achieving 70s-inspired psychedelic textures and “colors from another dimension.” You can download it for free for a limited time.

“Introducing Vapor Dimension. a studio-quality modulation plugin that adds rich, vintage colors and wideness to your synths, keys, pads, guitars, vocals, and more! 20 built-in DSP algorithms, easy on CPU, and user-friendly interface.”

The developers at Karanyi Sounds have designed this plugin with simplicity in mind. With just two controls, users can spend less time fiddling with knobs and more time playing, experimenting, and producing.

There are 17 modulation presets to play with here, designed for a range of instruments. These include a variety of modulated effects for guitars, lead and bass synths, pads, and bass guitars.

The “Type” control affects sub-categories of modulation (from gentle to heavy), whilst the “Modulation” control allows you to fine-tune the effect. Whilst only having two controls, I think that this is enough to satisfy most producers – there is still a lot to play with here.

Vapor Dimension also features a “Random” button to randomize the plugin’s parameters. This is a great feature that can provide instant inspiration – producers who don’t want to waste time menu-diving can press this button until they come across the perfect sound.

Overall, the presets sound great – they are well-engineered and effective. Some of the presets were designed by artists – and so the mix of factory and artist-made sounds is an interesting feature.

Some of the modulation effects here are quite subtle, but this is useful for producers wanting to add a little flair to their mix without drastically changing a sound. This plugin is particularly good for widening sounds and breathing new life into thin or lifeless guitar and synth takes.

On a related note, Karanyi Sounds currently offer up to 80% OFF in discounts on various best-selling products.

Vapor Dimensions is available in VST/VST3 for Windows and VST/VST3 & AU for macOS. You can download the plugin for free from Karanyi Sounds for a limited time.

Download: Vapor Dimension


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  1. Greetings, Tomislav!

    Techivation offers their compressor for free now for a limited time.
    In case some of you guys will get confused just like I did, I’ll explain – you log in, you click on “grab the compressor” and there will be nothing happening, so it looks quite missleading. But! You get an email with redeem code that you’ll need to activate through your account page, that’s it. Cheers!

  2. Worked for me, took a while for the pages to load though.

    Didn’t receive an email with any registration/purchase details though, but I was able to download from my account>downloads.

    Guessing the site is really bogged down, seems to happen everytime there’s a limited time freebie. :D


  3. The Karanyi Sounds website is slow and clunky and i did get page not found at least twice. Even after going through the free plugin purchase process (which is very generous), i wasn’t sure if the task was complete. Karanyi Sounds should definitely look at improving the user experience because the purchasing process snd website is a bit of an Achilles heal. I hope the effort was worth it!

  4. The stupid thing is that the download of the plugin is limited to 3 times.
    I have now used up the limit because I have tried 3 times to download the plugin but without success. Each time I wanted to download the plugin came an error and the limit was still lowered by one.
    I hope they fill up the limit again as soon as they get their website up and running again without problems.

  5. just a heads up here…I just seen someone else’s details in the checkout process for this product, the form was filled in by someone from Japan, so maybe it’s not worth the risk trying to get this at the moment and the website is still is very slow (if it does load a page at all). what a shame though because this seems a decent company and they have good quality products…maybe they should not put “for a limited time” in future to avoid a surge in traffic and their website ends up a security risk for their genuine customers like this. I cannot contact Karanyi Sounds through the normal “contact us” method, because this page will not load either, i hope they see this message here soon though.
    Also, i’m still waiting from yesterday afternoon for an email to reset my password, i created an account and password but the website does not allow me to log in at the moment.

    • lmao i’m in the absolutely situation. cannot reset my password. have been trying for over 24h now.
      additionally, i also was shown previous information from other costumers, several times. sometimes even VAT number.
      thankfully, i always give fake information when it’s a freebie, but still give the real info when actually buying something.
      not a great look. not even that much the fact that a lot of people were not yet able to download this, but data privacy is such a big deal i think

    • (I know I’m responding to comment that’s over a year old but…) No it doesn’t, it’s a standalone plugin. No Kontakt required.

  6. Michael Jackson


    keeps saying “sessions has expired” after checkout and there is no reason for this. I am also having trouble with infected sounds taking my password. keeps rejecting it. did a new password. keeps rejecting it. I also bought from Hornet about 2 weeks ago and right after I made my purchase, their site went down for about 15 mins. I think we are seeing how unreliable the Internet really is and should rethink our options when buying software as these sights shouldn’t have problems. Think about this: if the Internet was to crash for several hours, how many plugins would you be able to use while it is down? That’s why I love my free 32 bit and 64 bit VSTs. Because one day, it will happen. We just don’t know when.

  7. I somehow got thru the purchasing process and at the last step – gateway error. And then I got the welcome email ?! So I assumed that my account was created and that was true. I downloaded the plugin and when I tried to authorize it I got: “Wrong license key”.


  8. Yeah, maybe that would do. It didn’t occur to me but since I can’t log into my account anymore I’ll never know. BTW, at first I couldn’t login because I was getting a gateway error and now it’s “wrong password” (which is for sure not true). And I’m not receiving a password reset email. It’s a joke. Not worthy.

  9. As a work around, try going to this page to log in or register which should work ok.

    Some email providers will let you create a “disposable” name for your current email address, which still uses your current email address, but its hidden as the name you use as the disposable name to anyone you share it with.

    Your emails can be received into another folder instead of your normal inbox… create a new email folder if you need to.
    This way you’ll use the same at yahoo or what ever, its just the first part of the disposable name that changes.
    normal: abc at yahoo
    disposable: xyz at yahoo

  10. I finally got the password reset email, installed, manually typed the serial and it worked and it was like … meh. The only thing this company was really good at is spamming me with marketing emails. So, uninstalled and unsubscribed. Klevgrand Svep is a way better simple modulation plugin at least to me.

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