Spitfire Audio Annonunces The Black Weekend (Up To 75% OFF)


Spitfire Audio announces The Black Weekend with exclusive bundles and up to 75% savings.

Spitfire Audio creates some of the best orchestral and cinematic libraries you’ll ever hear; that’s my opinion, at least. But, if there is a downside to their outstanding products, many carry a hefty price tag.

You could justify the hefty price tag if you use premium Spitfire Audio libraries consistently for work. Otherwise, the price of some products might put them slightly out of sensible reach.

So, if you’ve been on the fence about dropping some cash on Spitfire Audio, The Black Weekend is the time to act.

Spitfire Audio’s “The Black Weekend” Sale

Before jumping into The Black Weekend, I should say Spitfire Audio does a few things to make itself more accessible to all budgets. There’s the cheaper Originals range, the free LABS series (which I love), and the free BBC Orchestra Discover (it lacks additional articulations, but it’s an incredible freebie).

During The Black Weekend, three exclusive bundles are available; The Ton (£99), Black Weekend Core (£249), and Black Weekend Professional (499). If you spend £249 or more during the promotion, you’ll get the brand-new Aperture Cassette Symphony for free.

We’re looking at the cheapest of the three bundles, The Ton. It features Fragile String Evolutions (£249), Spitfire Studio Brass Core (£169), and Abbey Road One: Sparkling Woodwinds £49).

As you can see from the standard prices above, buying The Ton bundle for £99 offers substantial savings.

The Ton Bundle

I like all three libraries in The Ton, and it would be easy to say my favorites are the two most expensive ones. But value for money aside for a minute, the two that interest me most are Fragile String Evolutions and Sparkling Woodwinds.

The FSE product page has some fantastic demos that showcase varying tension levels and different colors/emotions. I like that it’s so effective in building tension and prolonging the suspense, but what I like even more is how it makes the in-between moments interesting. Sometimes all you need is an evolving string part that keeps things moving without being too distinct.

When creating these parts from scratch, it’s easy to end up with something that’s too intrusive or boring, neither of which is good. FSE solves that problem beautifully, and when you need it to be more intrusive, it’s more than capable.

Spitfire Studio Brass Core doesn’t need much hype; If you want epic soundtracks, it’s for you.

Sparkling Woodwinds interests me because it sounds great, but also because woodwinds are often unsung heroes. Even people with no interest in musicianship might leave the cinema and say something like, “wow, those strings were epic”; it’s less likely they walk out saying, “damn, that Oboe and Clarinet nailed it!”.

But woodwind instruments are often responsible for ensuring the melody cuts through enough and providing additional contrast/tension ( think of John Williams’ Escapades from Catch me if You Can).

The Black Weekend also offers additional discounts of 40% on selected libraries and 25% on libraries released in the last year.

If you’re looking for something less orchestral, check out the 91% off SSL Band Bundle deal.

Get the deal: Spitfire Audio (up to 75% OFF during The Black Weekend sale)


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