SSL Band Bundle Is 91% Off For A Limited Time


Plugin Boutique offers a 91% OFF deal on the SSL Band Bundle ($49.99 sale price) by Solid State Logic.

Black Friday sales are in full swing, and Solid State Logic has an exciting bundle for the occasion. SSL Band Bundle combines SSL’s Drumstrip, Vocalstrip 2, and Guitarstrip and is set at a reasonable $49.99.

Drumstrip is aimed at being a one-stop shop for processing drums, packing low and high-frequency enhancers, a transient shaper, a gate, and SSL’s Listen Mic Compressor into one handy channel strip. The signal path is freely configured, allowing for placement of modules in the user’s desired order.

Vocalstrip 2 is unsurprisingly aimed at the human voice, containing a compander, de-esser, de-ploser, and simple EQ. The compander is of special note, with a good amount of control over the compression section while providing saturation and an expander.

Guitarstrip is the newest of these focus-driven strips to be released, and it combines some absolute time savers at its core. Drive and amp modeling, phase correction, timing correction, compression, and a 3-band EQ are all wrapped in SSL’s trademark style. It isn’t intended solely for guitars either, Guitarstrip is fully capable of handling bass processing duties.

All three strips can be run in parallel atop the original signal as well, in the case of things being a bit too extreme with the channel strip fully engaged. This is somewhat crucial with Drumstrip; the Listen Mic Compressor is aggressive even at lower percentages of compression when left fully wet.

Also key to the Band Bundle is the sense of visualization SSL has placed in each interface, with very clear metering for both the overall loudness as well as the dynamics. The meters and interfaces across all three strips are straight to the point, featuring only the controls necessary to mix and polish their intended sound material.

The Band Bundle is currently on sale for $49.99, originally retailing for $499.99, making for a staggering 91% discount. Solid State Logic makes quality effects, but they often remain on the more expensive side of things.

Drumstrip, Vocalstrip 2, and Guitarstrip are available for Windows and Mac computers. Windows plugin formats supported include VST2, VST3, and AAX. Mac is a similar story, with AU, VST2, VST3, and AAX all supported.

Get the deal: SSL Band Bundle (91% OFF)


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  1. 50 bucks is not bad for three quality plugins, but that -91% is such bogus, these plugins are at least 5 times over priced. What you are mostly paying for is the SSL brand and GUI, which is fine if that gives you pleasure and inspiration while working. However the listener isn’t going to see how good your plugins look, he’s only going to hear them. And while these sound good, they don’t really do anything that your stock or even free plugins wouldn’t already do.

  2. I agree, overpriced overall. I own the SSL SCARLET EQ after it went on sale recently. I heard the SSL impart some of the color to the signal like running it through the real SSL mixing desk. I like the scarlet eq because it can be used on individual tracks, busses, or final master channel. It does put some color on the signal, so it could be worth it if that’s what you are after.

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