Goldbaby Offers FREE Xmas22 Digital Drums + 40% Off Holiday Sale


Goldbaby releases Xmas22 Digital Drums, a free drum sample pack in WAV format.

Just a few days remain until Christmas Day is upon us, and some retailers are getting last-minute shoppers with some exciting deals. Goldbaby has long been known for providing high-quality sample packs, free and paid alike. This year the free release is Xmas22 Digital Drums, with over 129 samples in 24-bit WAV free for all users.

At the core of Xmas22 digital drums is the LXR-02, Erica Synths digital drum synthesizer. The LXR-02 is a six-voice drum machine, and Goldbaby has done some deep sampling of all six voices and ran them through studio outboard equipment for some shine and polish.

Users can look forward to key-labeled kicks, ideal for matching the pulse of your track to your chosen key. These have a nice thump to them and lend themselves well to processing.

There are also tonal beeps, short little snippets of sound just waiting to be looped and mangled with your glitch processor of choice.

Claps, hi-hats, a variety of percussive hits, rimshots, snares, and toms are all present as well, and there’s a good variety in the sample choice so you aren’t stuck with just one basic sound for each individual drum voice.
Xmas22 Digital Drums have a very distinctive color, and the valve processing is subtle enough to lend character without being overly processed or compressed before reaching your productions.
These are well suited for many dance-oriented genres, and would be perfectly at home in more sedate house, techno, and downtempo productions. With a good bit of tonal shaping, the kicks and claps are especially flexible.

There is no listed expiration date for the Xmas22 Digital Drum download, but given Goldbaby’s previous freebies, they’re up there for good.

For folks with a little cash burning a hole in their pocket, there is an active holiday sale with 40% off all paid products when applying the code 22XMAS40. This sale will last until January 5th, so be quick if you’re wanting to snag some new sounds for your productions.

Download: Xmas22 Digital Drums


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  1. Love Goldbaby, already owns some of their packs (Tape Drum Machine Collection, Thermionic Solid State Drums and some others). Maybe I’ll peak another one this sale. And the new freebie is great as always.

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