RetroVerse Lite Is A FREE Instrument By Electronik Soundlab


Electronik Soundlab releases RetroVerse Lite, a freeware synthwave-inspired virtual instrument for Windows and macOS.

The sound of the 80s has made a comeback in recent years, and developer Electronik Soundlab is doing its part to capture the nostalgia. Retroverse and Retroverse Lite are a pair of rompler synths meant to evoke the 1980s.

RetroVerse Lite has eleven presets scattered across pads, keys, drums, basses, and leads. This covers a good variety of instrument needs for your retro-tinged compositions, and there is a good bit of tonal shaping to customize the sounds for your productions.

Six control knobs flank the left and right sides of the UI, allowing for control over modulation, tuning, volume, panning, and filter cutoff control.

The center of the interface itself is devoted to the finer controls of your chosen preset. Here is where you’ll select your presets, as well as voice type, filter, modulation destinations, and some effect parameters.

The bottom panel above the virtual key hosts the effects, of which three are present. These are standard and expected fare for any 80s enthusiast and include a chorus, reverb, and delay. There is also an amp envelope allowing for control over the ADSR of any preset.

RetroVerse Lite’s sound selection may be sparse, but it has enough control to make some of these sounds unique across multiple compositions.

The full version of RetroVerse is an affordable $12 and ups the preset count to 115 over the same categories.

RetroVerse Lite is a splendid Christmas treat for those looking to add a little retro flair to their productions, and the basses and pads would be perfectly at home in house and hip-hop.

RetroVerse Lite is free forever and is available for Windows and Mac computers. Windows users have the option to use VST2 and VST3 plugin formats. Mac users can use VST2, VST3, and AU plugin formats.

Download: RetroVerse Lite


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