Aurora DSP Releases FREE Unified Preamplifier Plugin


Aurora DSP releases Unified Preamplifier, a freeware guitar pedal effect for Windows and macOS.

It is always a welcome sight to have some freebies come our way for guitar players. With that in mind, Aurora DSP has released Unified Preamplifier, a simple and effective preamp intended for clean boosts.

So, where does this fit in a guitar-oriented workflow? Ideally, you’d place this right after your noise gate before the amp head itself. Unified Preamplifier is a tidy, clean boost with just a handful of controls to shape the sound.

Three knobs adorn the virtual pedal’s face. These are relatively transparent in their intent. The two-band EQ is controlled by the bass and treble knobs. Being able to shape the overall EQ profile of the tone before it hits the amp is handy. You will likely still be dialing in the tone stack for more fine-tuning of your guitar tone.

The other notable control is volume, which is how much output gain is being fed out of the pedal. This has a good amount of range and can push low and medium gain guitar tones well into higher gain territory.
In practice, this lends itself well to multiple applications, as the sound output by Unified Preamplifier is clean. Beyond just guitar usage, it works well to beef up a signal before it hits something like a compressor or saturator.

On guitar, it shines, tightening up guttural high-gain rhythm tones and giving a winning edge to more blues rock-driven tones.

It might not fill the same niche as something like a tube screamer or fuzz, but it certainly is a winning combo with a colorful amp or modeler.

Unified Preamplifier is available for free with no expiration and joins Aurora’s FenrIR, Tuna, and Goblyn plugins to provide a near-comprehensive amp sim environment.

It is Mac and Windows compatible. Mac users can use VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats. Windows users have the option of VST and AAX.

Download: Unified Preamplifier


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