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When it comes to creating professional-sounding drum recordings, many producers and engineers find that the process can be challenging.

However, the SSL Native Drumstrip plugin simplifies this process by providing users with an all-in-one solution for drum processing.

Drumstrip is a channel-strip-style plugin that is designed specifically for use with drum tracks. It includes a transient shaper, dedicated drum gate, high-frequency enhancer, low-frequency enhancer, and a classic SSL listen mic compressor.

With all these processing tools in one plugin, it allows for quick and easy customization to suit the needs of any drum mix.

For example, the transient shaper allows users to manipulate the attack of percussive signals. It can help tighten up the sound of booming toms or make kicks and snares stand out in a mix.

Additionally, the dedicated drum gate helps reduce spill and clean up unwanted noise in individual drum tracks.

The high-frequency and low-frequency enhancers offer sonic control over the overall tone of the drums. The high-frequency enhancer adds vibrancy to the high end, while the low-frequency enhancer tightens and booms up the low end.

The SSL listen mic compressor provides that classic drum sound that has made SSL a household name in audio equipment.

Finally, Drumstrip also includes the option to reorder the processors to create a customized signal chain. This flexibility allows users to fine-tune the sound of the drums to fit their specific preferences.

Overall, the SSL Native Drumstrip VST Plugin is an excellent tool for any producer or engineer looking to create professional-sounding drum recordings quickly and easily. An intuitive interface and comprehensive selection of processing tools allow users to achieve increased presence, clarity, and detail in their drum tracks.

The plugin is available for use in most DAWs as an AU, VST2, VST3, or AAX Native plugin. it is compatible with M1 Apple Silicon and has a recommended minimum of 4GB ram and a 2-core intel equivalent processor

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Download: SSL Native Drumstrip (90% OFF)


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