Get Grater Light From Yum Audio FREE For A Limited Time


Yum Audio offers the Grater Light (€55 value) compressor as a FREE download for a limited time.

I have honestly and truly lost track of how many compressors there are in my plugin folder. That said, there’s always space for another dynamics processor. Grater Light from Yum Audio isn’t your traditional sort of compressor. What it lacks in control it more than makes up for in character. You can get Grater Light free for a limited time.

Grater Light has only a quartet of controls, but that is more than enough for this pint-sized powerhouse. The interface itself evokes industrial machinery that has seen constant use. The control layout is clear, with each individual control having a clear and defined space. There is a distinct lack of metering present. No visual feedback isn’t present, so you’ll have to use your ears when dialing things in.

The central lever acts as the main control and adds over-the-top compression to your sound source. This gets brutal quickly and is best served in moderation. However, I’m not your father, so do as you please in that regard. Compression is quick, and it absolutely will suck the room sound out of your material if desired.

Sharpness acts as a dual attack and release stage for the compressor. Lower settings have more gradual effects on the compression envelope, and higher settings will absolutely catch the transient in quick order and smash down the signal.

The final two elements are the gain and the mix sliders. Gain is just makeup gain; you know what it does. The mix slider does as described as well, allowing for more gradual blending on the smashed signal with the dry unaffected material.

Grater Light is a fun one-trick pony of a dynamics processor. It lacks the granularity of something like Xfer’s OTT, but there is something to be said about quick and nimble processors. If you’re interested, snag it quickly before the limited-time offer ends.

You will see the following confirmation message after claiming your free Grater Light license.

You will see the following confirmation message after claiming your free Grater Light license.

To get your free copy of Gater Light, visit the product page linked below and click the FREE Launch Offer button in the bottom-right corner of the page.

You’ll need to register a Yum Audio user account to redeem your free license.

Grater Light is available for Windows and Mac computers. Available plugin formats are VST3, AAX, and AU. There are Apple Silicon and Intel binaries available for Mac users.

Download: Grater Light (FREE for a limited time)


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  1. Jeffrey Price


    I downloaded Grater Light on 3/3/2023 but it says that I don’t have a license so it won’t activate the plugin. :(

    • Is it possible that you just downloaded the plugin without creating an account? If so, go back and click on “free launch offer”, create an account and you’ll be able to activate it.

    • They also got a bunch of one-knob VSTs that can be used in any host. Their orchestral library sounds great, but unfortunately can only be used in MuseScore (it’s intertwined with MuseScore’s scoring functions).

      Makes me think: it would be so cool if somehow MuseScore could be used as a VST inside another host DAW. Many people use Reason and Maschine this way. Right now MuseScore is more or less it’s own ecosystem and not really easy to integrate with DAW-based composition and production workflows.

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