Get 50% Arturia Analog Lab V Exclusively At ADSR Sounds


ADSR Sounds offer an exclusive 50% OFF discount on Analog Lab V by Arturia.

Do you have a craving for classic analog synth sounds? Arturia’s Analog Lab V can provide an easy solution, and now you can get it at a steep 50% off when you buy from ADSR Sounds.

Analog Lab V is one of the most convenient sources of analog-style sounds for modern musicians.

This powerful software comes pre-packed with more than 2000 meticulously-modeled classic sounds from some of the best hardware synthesizers of the past, like the Oberheim SEM V and Yamaha CS-80. As a user-friendly plugin for accessing a variety of classic synth sounds, it is without comparison.

The ability to control the behavior of analog circuits with a software interface has proven incredibly valuable, allowing users to layer up different voices and craft intricate patches. Alongside these tools, users also get an incredible library of preset sounds, which makes it easier to quickly and easily build patches that sound as close to hardware instruments as possible.

The user interface of Analog Lab V provides a modern and streamlined experience. The tone browser allows users to filter patches based on the type of sound they want. You can even sync the browser with Arturia’s online patch libraries and automatically download new presets.

And believe me when I say that there are a lot of presets, so don’t expect to get bored anytime soon. Other than 2,000 presets that are included, there is an almost unlimited amount of preset packs you can buy from their online shop.

And right now, Analog Lab V can be purchased for a mere 50% of its usual price when you shop at ADSR sounds.

Overall, Analog Lab V is a must-have for any musician that wants access to classic analog synthesizer sounds. And for a limited time, you can enjoy the full features of this great piece of software for a fraction of the cost.

Whether you are a novice to synthesis or an experienced synthesist, Analog Lab V by Arturia will surely spark some fresh ideas for your next composition.

It’s worth adding that all purchases at ADSR Sounds include a free copy of Blast Delay until the end of this month.

Analog Lab V is compatible with VST, AU, and AAX plugin hosts on Windows and macOS.

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Download: Analog Lab V


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  1. Richard Cooper


    I have Analog Lab from a couple years ago and while it was dope enough that I got the full suite, after buying Pigments and getting all these updates and I haven’t even been able to get through all the presets before they just give you a couple thousand more, it’s hard to go for Nalog Lab. At $200 usually and now at just $99, it’s a great deal but Pigments is often on sale from $200 to $99. I really love this company though. They went all the way back and are going all the way forward. I’d even put Pigments up against Phase Plant. Fight me.

    • About Analog Lab, I have it but don’t use it. Really useful for piano players who need lots of sounds and are not interested in learning how to program synths however. Also powerful for synthwave artists who are in need of vintage sounds.

      About Pigments and Phase Plant, they are for different users:

      Pigments: you release a lot of songs but you don’t know how to program and just use presets;
      Phase Plant: you like autistic sound design and overprogrammed sounds, with 345 effects and no spontaneity, and you never finish tracks.

      Just kidding.

      They’re both good and powerful irrespectively of one’s preferences. You can use presets with Phase Plant or program some unnecessarily complicated patch in Pigments. It all boils down to what works for you really. I prefer simple patches so the workflow in Phase Plant is not really attractive to me, too much stuff and control I really don’t need. Pigments is (relatively) more restrictive in a good way, I get stuff I like done quicker (I don’t use presets, don’t need them). I’ve come to a point where I prefer to impose limitations on myself while creating, and Phase Plant is too open ended for my taste. Less is more.

      Obviously other people glorify the “sound design youtubers” approach, in that case Pigments is still very powerful but has less features and this makes Phase Plant a more viable option (more layers, more effects, more busses and routing, more control over specific aspects of the oscillator section). To each his own

      • Richard Cooper


        I hear ya, 99% of the time, I bring up Vital as my workhorse. I definitely like grabbing some presets though for cool layers from whatever synths.

  2. I a more the “one synth” at a time user, I enjoyed the Arturia synths back in the day, but the Arturia concept has now become gargantuan in size. The later releases and updates of previous synths are also CPU hogs in my experience which makes using Analog Lab a bit difficult for me.

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