Kazrog Releases FREE KClip Zero Clipper Plugin


Kazrog releases KClip Zero, a freeware clipper effect in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats for Windows and macOS.

Shane and the good folks at Kazrog have turned out solid and affordable plugins for several years now.

Their product lineup consisted of commercial plugins, but that has changed with the introduction of KClip Zero, a freebie that serves as a teaser for the popular KClip 3.

KClip Zero First Impressions

KClip Zero is simple to control, with a linked input/output and a soften knob.

The input knob will clip any signal it hits, with the output compensating for the increase in gain. This is quick and effective and is an absolute breeze to dial in.

The Soften knob switches the clipper from hard clipping to soft clipping. At a value of 0%, it serves as a surgically precise hard clipper, great for shaving off peaks and spikier material. At a full 100%, it serves as a soft clipper, introducing a clean and subtle set of harmonics while also increasing the perceived volume of the material.

KClip Zero is a rock-solid clipper and arguably one of the best free ones on the market despite being introduced today. Internal oversampling is also present, which is quite handy for reducing aliasing.

What is missing from the full KClip is additional clipping algorithms and the multiband functionality. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Multiband functionality is always welcome but isn’t a sticking point for a processor like a clipper. KClip Zero trims out the fat and presents an immediately usable clipper intended for regular use in mixing and mastering capacities.

Users being able to choose their preferred oversampling would be great, as well as a little more control over the harmonics imparted by the soft clipping. For the low cost of nothing, these are just minor quibbles against an otherwise stellar plugin.

KClip Zero Specs And Download

KClip Zero is free forever and is compatible with Windows and Mac computers. Supported plugin formats are VST, AAX, and AU. There are Apple Silicon native binaries in addition to Intel-compatible installers.

Download: KClip Zero


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  1. thanks for sharing, I tested it against my old gclip and still prefer gclip over it, at least on individual channels it seems to hold better at extreme settings, so not a keeper to me

  2. Really nice. Sounds great. I don’t miss additional algos and multiband functionality at all. An option to choose oversampling would be nice, but x2 real time/x16 offline is a nice choice. Anyways, to me, this is currently the best free option for 2 buss duties and it will replace Venn Audio Free Clip (discontinued). I mean, I love clipping :) Some of my other favorites are Airweindows ADClip7 and OneCornerClip, Melda MSaturator and MWaveShaper (the ones who like PeakEater should check this one) and Apogee Soft Limit.

    • The best clipper is actually Clipped-MAX by LVC Audio. If I could only choose one, that would be the one. Apogee Soft Limit underwhelmed me, I expected much more from the famouse “Apogee Clipping sound”.

      • Clipped-MAX is not free. I guess you’re talking about its predecessor, ClipShifter. There is a free version of it. Unfortunately, besides some less important features it also has oversampling disabled. Nice plugin otherwise. And yes, I was kinda disappointed with Soft Limit at first, but after some time it found its uses.

          • I was wrong about LVC Audio ClipShifter before – it is available as one of T-Chain free modules and T-Chain does support oversampling. The others are Digital Comp, Digital Gate, Digital Eq, Digital HLP, Phuzz and Splitter/Mixer. The downside is that it’s an almost 350 mb install. Looks interesting, though. You can check it out at LVC-Audio website.

    • Aw man. I had it in my Apogee account and it has disappeared. That sucks. Any idea what happened to it/why Apogee shelved it?

      • It was offered as a $99 worth plugin, free for a limited time. I don’t see that they sell it now, so I guess it will be available for free again. Anyways, there was a waiting list one had to join in order to receive the an email with the download link. I’ve just checked and the link still works.

  3. @BREENY C :I really don’t know mate. For me it’s been a while since it’s not available. Actually I never saw it available. I was already to late to catch it. And I don’t have an Apogee account anyway. But you as you said you have an account so maybe ask them. Good luck!

  4. I’d recommended the free Venn Audio – “Free Clip” or best paid for clipper Sir Audio Tools “Standard Clip” only $25.00 worth every penny imho..

  5. I love the TDR Limiter 6. Ok it’s not a freeware but sometimes it’s on sale for someting like 29 $ and it’s sound so good.
    It includes a compressor, a peak limiter and a clipper. The fact that u can use them individualy or all together is great. A no brainer for me (when on sale).

    • VladG Limiter N°6 is discontinued, but still available to download at Tokyo Dawn Labs website. I’d used it for years, before TDR Limiter 6 GE, which is now my most used plugin on the 2 buss, was released. But I use other clippers, too, especially on individual channels and busses.

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