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Monosounds released two free sample packs featuring the sounds of Moog’s legendary Minimoog Model D and Matriarch analog synthesizers.

It’s been a long time since we featured a plain old WAV sample pack on BPB.

Yes, having ready-made presets for Kontakt Player or Decent Sampler is an advantage, but sometimes it’s nice to download a pack of WAV files and import them into your favorite sampler manually to build a custom multi-sampled patch from scratch.

The Moog Matriarch Free Samples Vol. 2 and the 100+ Free Minimoog Model D Samples Vol. 1 from Monosounds are two sample packs that are perfect for anyone looking to get that magical character of analog synthesis quickly and easily.

These sample packs offer you an essential sonic palette to create memorable music. Additionally, they come with a wide variety of classic Moog patches, providing an inspiring palette of analog sounds and creative possibilities.

From airy, vintage leads and analog strings to wonky arps, gritty basses, and experimental synths, these sample packs can be used in almost any genre of music. Use the included bass sounds in your new beat, or spice up your indie pop hit with some gritty Moog leads.

While all the sounds provided have been expertly produced to sound unique and crisp, what I love is that they are very human and organic sounding. Monosounds captured the authentic Moog sound in great detail, with all the mojo, sparkle, and warmth you’d expect from an analog synth.

Despite all the included sounds being static samples of analog synths, they don’t sound robotic or lifeless. Rather, they retain a warm, nuanced human character that differentiates them from some of the cold, processed synth samples available elsewhere.

As for the Minimoog Model D Samples, they provide an excellent opportunity to dive into a classic sound without the steep cost of the actual hardware. As with the Matriarch samples, there are a variety of sounds that cater to different musical styles and production approaches.

Regarding versatility and usability, Monosounds delivers the Matriarch Free Samples Vol.2 and Minimoog Model D Samples Vol.1 as WAV sample packs. The sample quality is excellent, and the organized structure of both sample packs makes navigation a breeze.

The abundance of styles and tones can be incredibly useful in the studio. Accessing the sounds of expensive analog synths from the comfort of your home studio is also priceless. All in all, both sample packs offer great value for the price and come highly recommended.

Download: Moog Matriarch / Minimoog Model D


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