T-RackS Vintage Compressor Model 670 Is FREE With A Survey


IK Multimedia offers the T-RackS Vintage Compressor Model 670 plugin as a FREE download for a limited time. Complete the survey to get the plugin for free. IMPORTANT: You must already own a T-RackS plugin to be eligible for the offer.

T-RackS Vintage Compressor Model 670 emulates the Fairchild 670 broadcast hardware compressor. The hardware 670 is a legendary tube stereo compressor, used in countless classic records, including Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon” and all Beatles’ songs recorded in Abbey Road Studios.

Of course, this kind of vintage equipment comes with a hefty price tag, not to mention its scarcity on the market. Even if budget wasn’t an issue, finding a Fairchild 670 unit for sale is next to impossible.

Thankfully, even us bedroom producers can get some of Fairchild 670’s magic for free with IK Multimedia’s latest limited-time offer.

Vintage Compressor Model 670 – First Impressions

Vintage Compressor Model 670 follows IK Multimedia’s successful T-RackS formula. It recreates the original hardware’s design and feature set, while attempting to emulate its sound as closely as possible.

The UI design is exactly what you’d expect from a T-RackS plugin. It looks great, replicating the look of the Fairchild 670 while providing a smooth user experience. The knobs and labels are large enough and easy to operate, whereas the built-in VU meter is handy for monitoring the gain reduction.

The plugin features identical controls for the left and right channels. Users can adjust the Input Gain, Threshold, and the Time Constant parameter which controls the attack and release times.

It’s a simple but effective control scheme that lets you fine-tune the compressor’s response in a matter of seconds.

For the reasons discussed above, I cannot compare the T-RackS 670 to its hardware counterpart. However, I compared it to some popular freeware vintage compressors, the Xtressor NUKE by Kiive Audio and TDR Molotok by Tokyo Dawn Labs.

Of course, this isn’t a direct comparison because all three compressors are quite different. Vintage Compressor Model 670 was easier to operate than Molotok while sounding similarly good on drums and vocals. Its fast attack time makes it handy for limiting the signal in a musical way.

Xtressor NUKE is incredibly easy to use and sounds fantastic, so it would probably be my first pick when needing a vintage-sounding compressor that doesn’t require much fine-tuning.

However, on a more complex signal, I would probably opt for Vintage Compressor Model 670 due to its slightly more versatile control set.

Get T-RackS Vintage Compressor Model 670 For FREE

IK Multimedia offers its Fairchild 670 emulation for free to all participants who complete a short survey.

To get your free copy of T-RackS Vintage Compressor Model 670, visit the promo page linked below and click the red START SURVEY button. You’ll need to register an IK Multimedia user account to access the survey.

The survey consists of 22 questions, all related to music production. After completing the survey, the plugin will be automatically registered to your IK Multimedia user account and visible on the “My Products” page.

Please note that you’ll need to download the IK Multimedia Product Manager to install and activate T-RackS Vintage Compressor Model 670 in your DAW.

T-RackS Vintage Compressor Model 670 is available in 64-bit VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for Windows and macOS.

If you like vintage compressors, check out our free BPB Dirty LA plugin.

IMPORTANT: You must already own a T-RackS plugin to be eligible for the offer.

Download: T-RackS Vintage Compressor Model 670 (FREE when you complete the survey)


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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Tomislav Zlatic


    A big THANK YOU to BPB readers Aris, Szilárd K., Rodyx, and Richard for the info about the free T-RackS plugin!

  2. Hello, you have to know that IK Multimedia installs nearly 3Go of their T-Rack plugins without any easy way to uninstall. Prefer TDR Molotok instead!

    • the huge download and the installer are annoying, but some of the t-racks plugins are supergood.
      i found my procedure with this and after a couple of times doing this it is actually not a big thing.
      i have a screenshot of my registered plugins to remember how the list of files in my folder should look like. after registering a new ik plugin and reinstall all of them i just delete all the unregistered plugins from the folder after the installation.
      that works fine for me and the plugins are worth the detour in my opinion.

    • While Molot Ge/Molotok is one of my favorite compressors, it will get you nowhere near the T-RackS Vintage Compressor Model 670. For that style of compression you should check Density mkIII and Thrillseeker VBL by Variety Of Sound. They’re both great and some of the best free compressors ever. You should also check the ThrillseekerLA, when you’re at it – the best free opto comp, for sure.

      • T-RackS Vintage Compressor Model 670 is well worth having, BTW. IK Multimedia makes really good plugins and FX and amp modeling are their strong points.

    • It’s annoying, but you can manually go in to your VST/VST3/AU/AAX folders (at least on macOS) and delete the plugins you don’t own. The caveat being that you will have to do this every time you update T-Racks

  3. How to properly access the survey? I don’t see a poll, is there one? When will they give out synthesizers for free? I already have half a thousand compressors and not a single synthesizer…

    • you should immediately download vital. just as powerful as Serum and surprisingly…its free.

      download this and start learning to synthesize your own drum sounds and melody patches immediately (this goes for every producer)

      learining how to make ACTUAL good drum sounds takes tons of practice but in the end it is well worth it.
      it is truly a pleasure to use my own sounds that I prefer over pro drum kits.

      • You say this goes for every producer, but I disagree.

        In some styles of electronic music, like techno and house, drum sounds have seen little change over the course of 30+ years. It is still the same 808/909/707/606 drum sounds. Synthwave is all about Linndrum or DMX samples. Trap is basically 808. People interested in those genres can definitely skip the synthesis and get a cheap hardware drum machine/sampler, because “actual good drum sounds” could literally be sounds from decades ago and learning how to make them may well be pointless in these specific scenarios.

        As far as custom synth patches, I would recommend some basic virtual analog over wavetable synthesis. Less options but more focus, which would benefit most beginners IMHO. Obviously everybody is different and some people just want to do everything from scratch in the most complicated way possible, but I would guess that is just a minority that happens to be over-represented on the net eg. you have zero tutorials on how to synthesize a 909 clap (because it is not necessary), but you have a million tutorials on future neuro/dumbstep FM-reese-growl-cowbell percussion synthesis. Go figure. Complex sound design is vastly overrated these days anyway

  4. It didn’t work for me. There was no survey at the destination. It just goes to my account page every time. Did anyone else get this to work?

      • Only people who have T-RackS in their account probably can’t
        I was able to reach the survey with an account that had T-RackS Max, but I couldn’t participate in the survey with an account that didn’t have it.
        It’s a survey about T-RackS, so if you don’t have it, you can’t answer

        • Ah, I overlooked the exclusive.
          Luckily had a T-RackS Clipper serial I hadn’t registered yet.
          Survey works for me now.

  5. I have 4 updates…as usual this process will take up a big part of my day, their plugins are somewhat high cpu depending on how they’re being applied. My favourite is their EQ 81.

  6. After all these years IKM still forces users to download multiple gigabytes just to install one plugin? Are they immune to user feedback?

  7. This IK suvey is a big fool. TRacks CS a big joke with white noise, so I´m not allowed to join the survey…… Only people who own one of their products, a crazy expensive comp for example^^ Nothing for me IK is a totaly overpriced plastic hardware distributor with tons of downloads, don´t know how their business could work… 2gb hdd space lost for white noise thumps down

    • At all to uninstall this ….. you have to download your installed pack a second time under past releases to open the uninstaller. What´s up with this company!? Info from their forum, and web “support”
      Meanwhile after a smal survey of my programm folders, uninstall works in a normal way for all ik components,

      Finally deleted the IK account, 5gb more hdd space after uninstall manager, tracks and shop shissl!

  8. At all to uninstall this ….. you have to download your installed pack a second time under past releases to open the uninstaller. What´s up with this company!? Info from their forum, and web “support”
    Meanwhile after a smal survey of my programm folders, uninstall works in a normal way for all ik components,

    Finally deleted the IK account, 5gb more hdd space after uninstall manager, tracks and shop shissl!

  9. Dragondreams


    I got fed up going round the loop, despite owning several of their products. I knew there was a reason I stopped using IK stuff a while ago.

  10. Always wanted a fairchild style compressor. This one sounds incredible on just about everything I’ve run through it!

  11. After all the hassle of installing their Xtressor freebie I swore I would never deal with IK Multimedia again, took me forever to remove the junk I didn’t ask for. I’ve seen some pretty unsavoury things from developers but this is amongst the worst, company can go under for all I care.

  12. Gah, again Tracktion Waveform 12 is ignored by a major company. Quite disappointed that i cannot help promote my staple & favourite DAW in their survey. I haven’t even touched any of these other options in YEARS! >.<

    And no way to submit this feedback to IK Multimedia, have to pick some random DAW for the survey!

  13. Marcelo Ribeiro Simões


    It seems that the IK Multimedia survey is gone…
    …weird because I’ve just received your email…

  14. Attaman King


    Just a tip that I get here sometime ago: install all that is required to get what you want and after it finished just delete all the plugins you don’t have permission to use, and save space that is so valuable!!!!

  15. Well… that’s another great gift from IK but unfortunately, i took the survey yesterday and just got nothing in return :/
    I double checked my product manager and couldn’t find it nor on their website (still 79,99€) But I had a “thank you” for the survey (btw, i did not received any email from IK)
    And of course, no need to mention I have TrackS ;-)

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