Samples From Mars Launch Sample Journal With Free 808 And 909 Sample Packs


Samples From Mars introduces the Sample Journal, a sampling repository packed with updates, tips, and free sample packs.

The Sample Journal is a few things rolled into one; first of all, it’s a place where the SFM team can document all the exciting things they are working on to give us a behind-the-scenes view of sorts.

It’s also a place to discuss all things that are even loosely related to sampling and processing audio, which means we get lots of useful information and helpful tips.

Lastly, it provides the SFM team with a platform to work on and release smaller sample packs, in contrast to the typically massive Samples From Mars collections.

It’s always cool when a manufacturer or developer encourages open dialogue with their customers. As readers, we absorb some of the knowledge the SFM team has accrued over years of doing what they do best, and we provide honest feedback that helps them improve.

The great thing about such an informal journal and comment section is that we get to see the published information develop into a broader discussion and sharing of ideas amongst readers. It’s worth keeping an eye on the Sample Journal whether you’re an existing SFM customer or not (yet).

Any smaller sample packs released through the Sample Journal will always be FREE or low-cost.

To give you an example of what SFM means by “low-cost,” the Model200 Kit is available for $3. If you like the sound of drums from an MS20, LM1, and more recorded through a vintage Lexicon Model200 reverb, it’s worth a few dollars.

Now to the free stuff.

So far, The Sample Journal has given us two freebies: the 909 Tube Kit and the Ampeg 808 Kit.

The 909 Tube Kit comes with a journal post that discusses running drum machines through a DI before hitting the mic pres.

Here’s a quote from the post:

“What most people don’t realize is – the volume of your *source*, not the volume on the DI, is what affects the amount of saturation.”

That might be stating the obvious for many of you, but any bad habits or misconceptions we pick up along the way are typically obvious errors, and you don’t know till you know!

I love these bite-sized posts that take seconds to read and potentially upgrade the reader’s knowledge base.

The Ampeg 808 Kit includes a short journal post and video detailing the benefits of running an 808 through a vintage Ampeg tube bass amp.

The Sample Journal is pretty new, but I hope it grows into an awesome resource of useful information and free sounds.

Talking of free sounds, check out Latcher from Fugue State Audio if you haven’t already. And if you’re into drum machines, check out the ultimate free drum machine collection from

More info: Sample Journal / 909 Tube Kit / Ampeg 808 Kit

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