Regency Is A FREE Phase-Distortion Synthesizer By Nakst


Nakst releases Regency, a FREE phase-distorting virtual synthesizer in CLAP plugin format for macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Regency is a multi-tiered phase distortion system that offers the sound of traditional phase distortion synths with added flexibility.

In the early 1980s, Casio introduced phase distortion as a way to compete with the sound and feel of analog synths on a budget. Synths like the Casio CZ-101 would digitally bend sine waves, morphing them into one of eight basic CZ waveforms (Saw, Square, Pulse, Saw-Pulse, etc.).

Casio never turned anyone away from analog but certainly provided a cheaper option and some absolutely epic sounds! In true Casio fashion, CZ synths also came with some comically bad presets, but that’s part of their charm.

Despite many people describing phase distortion as a more intuitive method than FM synthesis of the 1980s, synths like the Yamaha DX7 have stood the test of time better. In contrast, phase distortion was all but forgotten.

Luckily, you can still find some cheap CZ units online; we have some great virtual emulations and plugins like Regency taking the phase distortion path.

Regency builds its sound from two Generator layers, each with three distortion curves. The multi-segment curves distort the phase of the generator in series.

There is no shortage of modulation options with 24 modulation sources and 276 modulation destinations (102 polyphonic). Regency features four Envelopes, three multi-segment LFOs, and two Math Modulators that can warp and shape other modulation sources. In addition, there’s also a six-slot modulation matrix.

The plugin has a ladder filter with four modes: Low-Pass, High-Pass, Band-Pass, and Band-Stop.

You also get three effects slots with six available effect units: Bitcrusher, Pattern Delay, Flanger, Trancegate, Delay Line, and a five-band EQ.

You can structure the order of effect units as you like and reuse the same unit multiple times.

Regency has over 60 built-in patches and a pretty nice, resizable interface (100-300%). The interface is similar to that of Apricot, a hybrid synth plugin from the same developer (covered on BPB in late 2022).

Like Apricot, Regency uses the CLAP format, which includes support for polyphonic non-destructive modulation.

Regency comes in AU and CLAP formats for macOS (10.14 – 13), Windows (7 upwards – 64-bit), and Linux.

Download: Regency


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  1. Richard Cooper


    So far my favorite part is actually the pattern delay effect. Right click and drag draws in the automation for one side and then left click and drag does the other. A little hard to write so small, but a really cool effect. I wish I had just it.

  2. Jeffery W Wright


    Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.H!ml This program is dangerous and executes commands from an attacker. containerfile: C:\Users\Owner\Downloads\ Let me guess, no one tested that yet. Way to look out for your readers.

    • You do realise there is a real, non-zero chance it’s a false positive? If you do quick scans or assume that one test is enough then it’s not a good sign for you. I really doubt there is a trojan there considering from all I’ve seen Nakst is a decent person

    • Actually it’s false positive. The line in code of software might have “unix.connect” script which is nessesary for linux and in some cases for windows but it recognised by defender as trojan.

  3. If your overwhelmed by too many synths and already use something like Vital, know that the bend/pulse/stretch functions next to the oscillators are already types of phase distortion.
    I prefer to keep my tools lean , it helps me actually finish music!

  4. I love having third party synths that play well with FL studio’s glide notes. This is my current favorite phase distortion synth

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