MONSTER Sax Is A Free Saxophone Virtual Instrument


Agus Hardiman releases MONSTER Sax, a free saxophone virtual instrument for Windows and macOS.

Who doesn’t love a good saxophone in their arsenal of tricks? If you’ve been looking for a touch of soulful saxophone playing in your next production, then MONSTER Sax has you covered.

MONSTER Sax is a free sampler instrument VST with multiple articulations and played by Indonesian jazz saxophonist Devian Zikri. The end result is seriously impressive while also maintaining a relatively low footprint in terms of hard drive space.

MONSTER Sax comes with eight different articulations, which lends itself to some more nuanced performances. I’m certainly no sax player, but I’ve always loved the sound. Thanks to this virtual instrument, you can add that special touch to your own productions.

The articulations on offer are legato, bending, short notes, slurs, staccato, minor trills, major trills, and growls. Each articulation has its own independent volume control. They can be controlled by key switches, which is fairly customary for an instrument like this.

This is an alto sax, so you’ve got a somewhat limited range, but that certainly lends itself well to a degree of creativity. In motion, the instrument has a wonderful sound, and the key switches are very clearly laid out, so you can get a huge amount of expression out of the instrument.

Also included are reverb and delay. These aren’t going to be standout effects, but they work wonders on the sound sources. They sound good with the samples, which is all that really matters. You won’t get control over the parameters necessarily, but that’s what other VSTs are for.

MONSTER Sax would be well suited for jazz and soul, as well as other dance music genres. I could very easily see this fitting in quite nicely with a little deep house, garage, or even DnB, provided you’ve got the right backing samples to support it.

If you want to try MONSTER Sax, it is available for Windows and Mac computers. Supported plugin formats are VST, VST3, and AU. There’s no word as to whether this is Apple Silicon compatible, but it should be a quick check for Mac users.

Download: MONSTER Sax


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  1. now we can accompanied with rotary (SinePlayer on Orchestral Tools) so we can have good soloist with big band horns for Jazz and Smooth Jazz, pretty cool

  2. Sampleson released the OverHeat – Free channel saturation. Sounds great, just like all of their plugs:

  3. George Maddaloni


    Cant get this to show up in my Daw. Reaper isn’t picking the .dll file up on scan even though it’s in my Steinberg plugins folder. Mixcraft picked it up but when I went to load it it said it couldn’t find any instruments. Doesn’t even give an option to point to where the library folder is located.

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