Wolf Shaper Is A Free Waveshaper Plugin


Patrick Desaulniers of Wolf Plugins released Wolf Shaper, a freeware waveshaper effect for Windows and macOS.

I’m so sorry, everyone, but I’m back again with another distortion plugin. 🤘

I can’t help it. I see another distortion/saturation effect and think, “Nice, I bet this one might be better than what I have 900 other copies of.”

With that in mind, today’s subject, Wolf Shaper, is quite a nice waveshaper.

Moving past the more mundane uses of a waveshaping effect, Wolf Shaper has a full spline-based editor. This effectively allows you to shape the transfer curve how you want to get the sound you’re after.

Distortion can be applied symmetrically or asymmetrically to the waveshaper as well, sort of like how Minimal Audio’s Rift works. You don’t get a wide range of modulation controls here, but that’s not a big deal for Bitwig and VCV Rack users.

The user interface for Wolf Shaper leaves nothing hidden behind secret panels or other tabs. What you see is what you get. You have knobs to control the pre and post-gain.

There are also controls for controlling the bend and skew, among other warping algorithms. You can make your distortion even more chaotic with just a little twist of a knob.

In addition, there is also a center button, which helps to eliminate any DC offsets introduced to the signal. You can trigger this on or leave it off, depending on what works best for the material.

Users also get access to oversampling to keep the aliasing police at bay. This ups the CPU demand a bit but is still perfectly manageable. All said, Wolf Shaper is a great little distortion plugin that will be sure to make bass heads, as well as trance and dance maniacs alike, very happy.

It is usable for nearly everyone with a computer as well since the project is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. If you’re interested in snagging it for yourself, it is readily available in VST, LV2, and CLAP plugin formats.

I couldn’t find any information about Apple Silicon compatibility, so it is very much a case of having to try your own. That said, it is very much worth the download just for the inventive distortions you can coax out of it.

Download: Wolf Shaper


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  1. Awesome, thanks

    Free until June 15th – Chorust audio plug-in (Chorus / Bit Crusher)

  2. Raymond Peck


    This looks fun.

    A note for folks building these plug-ins: please make them midi controllable! I’m looking for a waveshaper that I can control in real time with pedals as my hands are on my guitar. :-)

    • Christian H


      I think you need the paid version of MWaveShaper to activate the Melda modulators. Alternatively, MWaveShaperMB is -50% this week. The features page says:
      “MIDI controllers with MIDI learn. MWaveShaperMB contains a powerful MIDI processor, which listen to MIDI controllers and MIDI keyboard and control any parameters realtime.”

    • Christian H


      MWaveShaper Free has a midi settings screen where I can input for example Foot Controller and link it to parameters like point shape, bypass, input/output, preset switch.

  3. Kit Massengill


    Going to the “https:(2 slashes)wolf-plugins.github.io(1 slash)wolf-shaper” page, BitDefender gave me “Infected web page detected” a whole lot of more stuff and then “Threat name: Trojan.Ceram.Gen.1”

    Clicked on the Windows D/L link and BD gave me; “Infected file detected” – “The file C:\Users\FolderName\Downloads\0Pi0UUN5.zip.part has been detected as infected. The threat has been successfully blocked, your device is safe.
    Move to quarantine

    Thought you ought to know.

  4. Frank Liebe


    Wolf-Shaper -WindowsDownload contains an Trojan!! (Alert by my BITDEFENDER-Software.)
    Be carefully!

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