Audec Offers FREE Shape Lite 2 Waveshaper Plugin


Audec offers Shape Lite 2, a FREE single-stage waveshaper effect for macOS and Windows.

Shape Lite 2 is a free single-stage waveshaper/wavefolder from Audec. It’s also the entry-level version of Shape 2 ($29).

The paid version is a dual-stage waveshaper/wavefolder with 21 shaping curves.

The free plugin has six shaping curves, and each curve has up to four adjustable parameters.

Despite having fewer curves and adjustable parameters than the paid version (Shape 2), Shape 2 Lite still offers a variety of sounds. You can use Shape 2 Lite to create anything from subtle saturation to brutal distortion.

It features an Offset knob for asymmetric distortion and up to 4x Oversampling.

Asymmetric distortion allows different waveshaping to be applied to the positive and negative amplitudes of the waveform and often makes for a wilder distortion.

It’s pretty common in musical genres that utilize harsher sounds, genres like Dubstep or Drum and Bass.

Waveshapers/wavefolders, in general, are a favorite tool of many electronic music producers. Even in much smoother EDM, a waveshaper/wavefolder can be used to add some grit to a track in the right places.

As a simple tool that can have a big impact on your sound, Shape 2 Lite seems pretty cool.

I’d go one step further and say it seems like it could be a long-term-useful tool in its own right and not just a taster of the paid version. Although, I’m not discouraging anyone from buying Shape 2!

Sometimes, the best freebies are ones that do something relatively small, but you use them often. Shape 2 Lite could be a go-to plugin for electronic music makers, and like I said, even if it’s a simple tool, it can still have a significant impact.

So, if electronica of any kind is your thing, it’s worth checking out. And if you like distortion, check out our free BPB Dirty Filter plugin.

I’m going to go a little rogue here and mention something completely unrelated. If you’re more cinematic than electronic, check out Sirens from Sonixinema; check out all of the Sonixinema cinematic freebies; they are epic.

Shape 2 Lite is available in AU and VST3 formats for macOS (10.11 – 11) and Windows 10.

Download: Shape 2 Lite


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