Quiet Music Healing 2 Singing Bowl Plugin Is FREE For A Limited Time!


Quiet Music offers the Healing 2 singing bowl virtual instrument for free until May 31, 2023.

Healing 2 is a rompler, like most other Quiet Music releases. It features the mesmerizing sounds of two singing bowls, skillfully processed with high-quality effects to create a meditative sonic

For those of you who have become accustomed to the sound and target of Quiet Music releases, it should not surprise you that this instrument could be a great addition to your arsenal if you’re into relaxing music, ambient, downtempo, meditation music, and other similar genres.

Healing 2 comes with 32 carefully crafted presets, meticulously edited one by one for optimal quality, and they invite you to quickly compose thanks to its simple and practical UI.

The sounds included are 100% royalty-free to use in your compositions, and they are accessible in an easy-to-use interface.

You’ll find classic envelope controls and lowpass-highpass filter options for general sound shaping.

There are also some extra effects to spice up the meditative patches and make them even more ethereal thanks to the included Chorus, Reverb, and Delay with syncing options.

A distortion module is also included, in case you want to blend some added character in parallel with the Mix knob or more drastically alter the timbres for more adventurous results.

On the bottom-left of the interface, you can find some LFO Modulation options to get a little deeper into sound design and add more expressivity to the samples, for example, by employing the Mod Wheel as the source of some vibrato.

On the top-right of the interface, the main controls of the instrument are displayed, such as the output volume, the Pan, the Tune, and the Cutoff for the aforementioned filter types.

In the center of the UI, you can see the visual representation of a four-octave keyboard, helping you visualize the notes played in real time.

Healing 2 is available for both Windows (v.8.1 onwards) and Mac (v. 10.14 and above) platforms running at 64-bit, in AU/VST/VST3 formats.

Despiteful being a Rompler, it’s quite light on disk space requiring just 200MB of it. Get the limited-time freebie now via the Quiet Music Gumroad page.

If you like this, don’t miss Quiet Music’s recently released Solaris GTR Lite plugin.

Download: Healing 2 (Free until May 31st)


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