How To Get Native Instruments Kontakt 7 For €99.50


Native Instruments recently launched the Summer of Sound sale, offering a 50% discount on various products. However, you can get an even lower price on Kontakt with a crossgrade trick we’ll discuss today.

It is undeniable that Kontakt is the leading sample player plugin in the industry. There are thousands of great Kontakt libraries you can purchase and hundreds of Kontakt libraries you can download for free.

However, there’s a catch.

If you’re using the freeware Kontakt Player, you will encounter the “demo mode” limitation for most libraries, especially free ones. This means that you can only play them for a maximum of fifteen minutes at a time.

Unless a library is designed for Kontakt Player, it will only function in demo mode. The only way to unlock these libraries is to upgrade to the full version of Kontakt.

The recently launched Summer of Sound sale is an excellent opportunity to upgrade since the full version of Kontakt now costs €149.50

However, the little-known secret is that you can get an even better price with a crossgrade.

But how do you crossgrade to the latest version if you don’t already own Kontakt?

How To Get Kontakt For €99.50

It’s a simple trick, really. You should download and register one of the free Kontakt libraries we listed on BPB.

Most libraries should be compatible with the offer. Our reader Darryl Lim recently reported that he got a successful crossgrade after registering Heavyocity Foundations.

The library must be registered to the Native Instruments account you’ll use for the crossgrade. So, ensure you’re registered and logged in before visiting the Kontakt product page.

You can crossgrade to get the best Kontakt 7 price.

You can crossgrade to get the best Kontakt 7 price.

When you visit the page, you should see the €99.50 crossgrade. And if you already own a previous version of Kontakt, you will see the €49.50 upgrade price.

From here on, it’s pretty straightforward. Simply select the best available offer, click the ADD TO SHOPPING CART button, and hope that you didn’t already spend all your money on plugins.

Summer of Sound 2023

Obviously, you can get many other deals during the Summer of Sound 2023 sale. However, I highlighted Kontakt because owning the full version opens the door to countless free libraries and some of the best sounds you can add to your DAW.

To explore other deals, visit the Summer of Sound page.

Get the deal: Kontakt 7 (add Heavyocity Foundations or a similar free library to your NI account to get the crossgrade offer)


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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Wow, i’m famous now, haha! :P
    Joking aside, seeing my name in an article on 1 of my favourite sites truly made my day, thanks Tomislav!

    Anyway, back on the topic, to anyone out there who might also be taking advantage of this offer this summer, have fun making music with your FULL Kontakt 7, just as i’m sure i will be doing soon. :)

  2. Lovely! Thank you. Heavyocity Foundations didn’t give me the crossgrade price, but the 88E by Impact Soundworks worked.

    • For me 88E was the one as well! Somehow I didn’t get the crossgrade price when using Chrome. But Safari worked perfect.

      • Firefox here. And i just want to clarify that it was “Heavyocity Foundations – Emotive Choir” that showed up under my crossgrade qualifier, not the Piano. Plus i’ve also redeemed 88E earlier, so i’m wondering what the actual criteria for a crossgrade is, but hopefully there’s at least 1 thing that will definitely work for everyone.

        • Personnally that not works…
          I have Komplete 12 Select and several free Kontakt Libraries from Native Instruments, Heavyocity, Sonixinema, etc….
          But I just can get the 199,50€ offer Kontakt 14 Standard update, when I click on 99€ that says I can’t, and that I need a full Komplete 2-13….
          Finally it’s worse, it’s more expensive than people who don’t have Kontakt Select but just free Kontakt Player and free Kontakt Libraries…
          Don’t understand at all…

    • Same here, Someone may want to update the article to avoid confusion. Also.. I am new to Native Access, you may want to let people know there is a little refresh icon, or you wont see your new production in the “new” section. thanks for this tutorial. 88E worked for me as well.

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