The Modern Metal Songwriter Debuts NovaClip (Exclusive Deal)


The Modern Metal Songwriter releases NovaClip, an advanced peak clipper plugin for Windows and macOS.

I don’t know who to thank for the sudden deluge of clippers on the plugin market, but it’s been great to see different takes.

NovaClip is the most recent clipper released by The Modern Metal Songwriter, and it comes with a handful of features to help it stand out from the crowd.

Now, ordinarily, I usually rely on my old standbys with DMG Audio’s Limitless and SIR Audio’s StandardClip to get things done. I’ve had them on numerous sessions at this point and know them like the back of my hand.

NovaClip seems to bear some design commonalities with the releases from the good folks at Kiive Audio. However, I absolutely love their output. If you have, by chance, followed me on other publications, you’ll know how I have raved about the Xtressor and Tape Face.

NovaClip brings the same design ethos to a mastering-grade clipper. That means you get access to solid oversampling and automatic gain compensation. Now, AGC isn’t just nice to have with a clipper, but an absolute must.

One feature I really appreciate is the delta toggle, which helps to hear how the signal is being affected. Sometimes with clipping, less is more, but I still just crank it until the lizard part of my brain is satisfied.

You have access to a handy shape knob that can dial in the clipping from soft to hard, moving between sweet saturation to just utilitarian, making sound loud goodness.

It sounds great, too, no matter which shape you decide to dial in.

Here are some of NovaClip’s features that you won’t find in other similar plugins:

  • Crossover: Achieve an impeccably clean low end while capturing the high-end punch.
  • THD: World-class saturation allows you to effortlessly add warmth and harmonic excitement to your tracks.
  • Shape: Adjust the shape of the clippers knee, allowing for the ultimate control over your sound for any scenario
  • Auto Gain: Adjust all your parameters without any volume change.
  • Delta: Listen to ONLY the clipped audio, allowing you to hear exactly what the plugin is doing.
  • Latency Free: Enjoy crystal clear, aggressive mixing and mastering chains while writing and recording.

The wonderful readers here at BPB get access to an exclusive discount code, meaning you can snag NovaClip for an additional 15% off by using the coupon code BPB15 at checkout.

NovaClip currently retails for $29.99, but you can purchase it for around $24.65 with the additional discount.

This is a solid product that is well worth supporting, and we would like to thank the developer for providing an exclusive coupon for BPB readers.

NovaClip is available for Windows and Mac computers. Supported plugin formats are VST3, AU, and AAX. It is Apple Silicon compatible, which I can say after testing. Intel-based Macs are also supported, so you’ve got options across the board.

Buy: NovaClip (Currently $29, with an additional 15% discount for BPB readers with coupon code BPB15, making it available for just $25.50) 


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  1. Puremagnetik’s Granular Suite is on sale this week, 5 granular processing and re-synthesis devices for $15:.

    -Partikl (Particle Delay & Temporal Shifter)
    -Pastfabric (Micro-Memory Splicer)
    -Swarm (Particle Diffusion Sampler)
    -Vanisher (Granular Sound Transcendence Machine)
    -Zerone (Audio Particle Splitter)

    • I am a bit into shimmer FX at this time, so just want to add that Partikl has the capability of pitch shifting, so could be classified as also a “shimmer delay” .

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