Get UA PolyMAX Synth FREE With Any Loopcloud Subscription Plan


During August, you can claim a free copy of PolyMAX vintage-inspired synth by Universal Audio with any Loopcloud pricing plan, starting as low as €6.99 / month with the Artist plan.

This can be a great deal if you consider that the value of PolyMAX is 217,00 €, and it runs natively on your Mac or PC without UA hardware.

If you’re addicted to warm, lush polyphonic tones and the entire renaissance of yesterday’s sounds with a modern refresh, this synth may be perfect.

It features analog-modeled oscillators and filters, high-quality UA effects, and curated presets designed for fast use across a variety of genres.

Its roots and main design inspirations come from early Jupiters, Oberheims, and Prophets, with the ability to create fat sounds that instantly sit into any mix easily.

The interface looks intuitive, with key controls spread out in panels.

The signal flow is typical of a subtractive synth, with two main oscillator sections that feed into the main state-variable filter, with separate envelopes for both filter and amplifier.

At the oscillator’s stage, you can add FM, SYNC one oscillator to the other, blend a white or pink noise layer and apply an LFO or Envelope modulation to a set of parameters.

In this way, you can extend quite a bit the timbral possibilities to the standard oscillator’s waveforms of saw, square, triangle, and pulse.

PolyMAX also includes a simple arpeggiator with controls on the Rate and Mode of operation.

The effects section includes vintage stylish effects like spring reverb, digital hall reverb, tape delay, and modulation textures courtesy of phaser, flanger, and chorus.

You can check out our article for a full list of the best freeware vintage synthesizers.

Turning back our attention to Loopcloud, it must be noted that any subscription plan grants you access to a 1GB Welcome Pack containing both samples and presets for the included Loopcloud Drum and LoopcLoud Play instruments.

If you decide to cancel your subscription, the samples you downloaded with the credit system remain in your account’s storage, which is great.

So even if you’re still skeptical about subscription plans, this deal may be worth considering.

Get the deal: PolyMAX (FREE with any Loopcloud pricing plan)


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  1. Tempting, but there are hundreds of vintage inspired synths already in my arsenal, what sets this one by UA apart ?

  2. polyphonik.matej


    If you currently have a loopcloud plan, you don’t have to subscribe again to get it. Just go to your account on their website and there’s a coupon for a 100% discount on the plugin at pluginboutique

    • Nice deal, thanks BPB !
      But personnally not interested in another “analog” soft synth, even if it sounds good.
      If it was Opal, I would have been more interested :)
      Maybe the next time !

  3. I get the message “Your IP address has already been used for a free trial, please proceed to continue with a monthly subscription.”

    • Seems fair to me. Obviously Loopcloud wants to prevent people from continually signing up for a free trial, grabbing the free monthly plugin, and then cancelling. Doing so only shafts both Loopcloud and the devs of the plugins.

  4. Im so surprised that many producers do not use Loopcloud as a sample resource. It is actually very useful platform. You only purchase the sound that you want instead of the whole sample pack that you wont use its all sounds and they can just trash your hard drivers for ages. I use loopcloud since a long time. Sometimes i subscribe for 2 or 3 monthes, then i cancel the sub and keep the points i have purchased. Concerning the PolyMAX plugin, it is soooo annoying that you need to keep your iLok connected all the time as long as the plugin is active in your project. I think i will delete it soon. I am just exploring the sounds.

  5. Anyone else having trouble with UA’s website? They keep telling me they’ll send me an email to reset my password, but it never arrives. When I try to make a new account with the same email, they tell me it’s already in use and to reset my password.

    • I was able to fix it in Ableton on Windows 10. There is a folder outside the VST3 folder : C:\Program Files\Common Files\Universal Audio When you copy the whole folder and its content to C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 and open een new track in Ableton and drag the VST3 te gui suddenly orks.

  6. Ohm Force plugins goes free to use because it is legacy edition (plugins will be no longer be supported inc. Ohmicide).

  7. I followed the drill, installed UA connect, added Polymax to my iLok, and installed the plugin on Windows 10. But it refuses to load up in FL Studio, I use v21 (legit). The instrument wrapper just says Polymax has failed to load. I have a physical iLok and have tried to load the plugin, both with the license in the cloud and on the iLok, but the result is the same.

    • Michal Ochedowski


      It would be good to hear from you, in case you get the synth to appear in FL Studio. Thanks for posting. I’m curious, if this synth requires constant internet connection or just for the authorization period with virtual iLok.

      • FL Studio “can see” the VST, it appears in the generator list. But the generic wrapper failure message is that it has ‘maybe not installed properly’ when trying to load it
        I have installed hundreds if not thousand VSTs, so this happens very seldom in FL Studio. I can only think of Waves giving me the same problem, and Propellerheads Reason 12 Rack

  8. I activated everything, but the program is blurry and the interface is not displayed. Does anyone know what is causing the problem

  9. ive been wanting this synth since it came out. After reading the comments im surprised that so many people dont care for the synth even if its free

    • that’s because when things are free or cheap people put no value on them or think there shit , it sounds good don’t listen to people

  10. Dang! I’m absolutely lovin’ those synthwave-y 80s vibes – all manner of pleasin’. :-) Definitely snapping this one up!

  11. it’s a really nice synth but im greatly dissapointed as you have to be constantly connected to the internet to use it

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