Get Beast D-LAY FREE With Any Purchase At Audio Plugin Deals


Beast D-LAY from BeastSamples is free with any purchase during August at the Audio Plugin Deals website.

As you can likely guess from the title, there’s another freebie up for grabs. It should go nicely along with the free copies of DAW LP and MPhaserMB.

So, what is Beast D-LAY?

It is a versatile delay plugin with two independent tap lines and a few extra tricks to differentiate it from other delays.

You can set the two delay lines in unison with one another or use separate delay time values. Users get to control feedback as well.

Beyond the delay section, you can access a handful of effects to unleash a little mayhem on the signal.

Saturation and bit crushing are popular choices on delay lines, and the included one for Beast D-LAY reaches down to 2 bits if you want just absolute crunch. That said, I did find that 8 to 12 bits of reduction are great for imparting a little dirt but staying relatively clean.

You can filter the signal with the included low-pass filter. There doesn’t seem to be any control over the filter’s resonance, which is a shame.

However, it sounds perfectly fine for its intended purpose. The filtering sounds clean and allows for tidying up some of the higher-end from the delay’s output.

The delay line effects are rounded out with a tremolo which comes with a pair of LFOs. This is great for adding a little motion and intrigue to the signal itself. I wish there was some sort of modulation on all of the effects, similar to what you can do with something like Sandman Pro.

Beast D-LAY is a great creative delay and well worth the price of admission. If you’re already picking up something from APD, consider it a nice extra bonus. As previously stated, this is running through the whole of August, so you’ve got time if you’d rather wait for the right deal.

Beast D-LAY runs on Windows and Mac computers. Supported plugin formats are VST3 and AU. It is Apple Silicon compatible, so Intel and Silicon users alike can join in the fun.

Check out the deal: Beast D-LAY (Free with any purchase at Audio Plugin Deals)


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  1. Adrian Goodswen


    Well, I see no reason to wait when AudioThing’s formant filter plugin ‘The Orb’ is available at APD for a mere $15 for only a couple more days… verily, sir, that is SOLD!! Cheers for the heads-up! :-)

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