ViatorDSP Introduces Rust Lo-Fi Effect For Pay What You Want


ViatorDSP releases Rust, a free (pay what you want) lo-fi plugin for Windows and macOS.

You would think that in this modern era, we’d have less propensity toward the grunge and grit of the analog era. However, there’s some charm in songs that sound just a bit off, at least going by the millions of subscribers listening to Lofi Girl’s channel daily.

If you can’t get enough of making your audio sound like it was run through worn media, then Rust might be for you.

Rust is the latest release from ViatorDSP and serves as a lo-fi sound enhancer (if that’s even the correct term). It is PWYW, so you can pay as little as nothing or kick something ViatorDSP’s way for their regular stellar work.

Rust’s control set is notably quite slim, with a few options for shaping your signal. You’ve got a low and high-frequency cutoff, which helps to emulate the limited frequency response of media like cassettes and vinyl. You’ve also got the means to add synthesized dust and hiss to your material.

Movement is a personal favorite, as it adds wow and flutter to your audio. I am a sucker for the flanging and chorusing effects you get with this sort of stuff, and it is great on keys or anything with some sort of melodic focus. Rust doesn’t disappoint here; it can easily go into sonic mayhem.

You also have access to clipping, which I always love to see with anything that’s imparting distortion or saturation. This sounds quite nice on a drum bus and should do the trick if you want to get things loud and awful sounding.

Rust is readily available right now over at ViatorDSP’s Gumroad. Any purchase comes with binaries for Windows and Mac computers. Supported plugin formats are VST3 and AU. 

Unfortunately, You’ll need a wrapper of some sort if you’re planning on utilizing Pro Tools. It seems to run fine on my Apple Silicon device, but I haven’t quite figured out how to tell if something is in Rosetta mode.

At any rate, this is a fun little tool with a limited control set that is big on inspiration and low on tinkering about.

Download: Rust (Name your own price)


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