HoRNet SpringVerb Is FREE For A Limited Time (OFFER ENDED)


HoRNet Plugins offers the SpringVerb spring reverb plugin as a free download until 11:59 pm (CET) on August 8th, 2023. There are 14 hours left to get the plugin for free at the time of publishing this article.

I love the metallic sound of spring reverbs. It’s no substitute for “normal” reverbs types like plate and hall, but the spring reverb works incredibly well as a sound coloration tool.

I use spring reverb for coloring a variety of instruments. Guitars are an obvious choice here. Many guitar amps have a built-in spring-style reverb, so our ears are accustomed to that combination.

However, I also like using spring reverbs on drums, synth arpeggios, and vocals. I love drenching my own vocal recordings in lo-fi reverb to make them sound slightly surreal and mask the singing imperfections.

If you also like experimenting with spring reverb, HoRNet Plugins have a wonderful gift for you. However, it’s a limited-time offer that expires very soon, so you’ll need to act fast.

SpringVerb is HoRNet’s algorithmic spring reverb plugin with adjustable Time, Decay, Resonance, Brightness, Density, and Dry/Wet parameters.

You can also set the number of active springs to one, two, or three. Using one spring will result in a thinner lo-fi sound. On the other hand, three springs sound fuller, with a slightly smoother character.

Watch the overview video below to hear SpringVerb in action.

I tested HoRNet SpringVerb in several projects, and it sounds very good. I love how it sounds on guitars. It captures the classic spring reverb sound you’d expect from a typical guitar amp.

One of the main sonic characteristics of a spring reverb is the so-called twang and HoRNet Spring reverb nails that aspect of the sound. I also loved how the Resonance parameter lets me accentuate the twang sound while making the entire reverb sound more lo-fi.

So, if you want to add another spring reverb to your mixing arsenal for free, head over to HoRNet Plugins and download your free copy before the free download offer expires.

Please note that you must register a user account to download SpringVerb for free. A valid email address is required for registration purposes.

HoRNet SpringVerb is compatible with 64-bit VST, AU, and AAX plugin hosts on Windows and macOS (10.11 and later). It supports Apple Silicon.

You should also check out our free BPB Dirty Spring reverb plugin. It features a great-sounding spring reverb and a bitcrusher.

UPDATE: This offer has ended.

Download: HoRNet SpringVerb (deal expires at11:59 pm CET on August 8th) 


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    A big THANK YOU to BPB readers OldDoGO, CoopMusic247, Aris, Prismatic Brain, and Szilárd K. for the info!

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    • Yeah, then I switched browsers from Firefox to Opera, and used my username instead of my email. Logged in from checkout page. That worked for me.

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  4. Does anybody have the same issue with emails from Hornet? As much as I appreciated their free offer I was never interested in subscribing to their newsletter and now I’m getting hell of a lot of emails even though I unsubscribed and after week or so of getting email everyday (sometimes twice a day) I reported it as a spam, they are still coming through. I even wrote to Hornet asking them to stop sending me emails.
    Any idea how to get rid of those emails? On my Hornet account I can’t find any option to unsubscribe and gmail seems to have problem with it as well.

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