Heavyocity Releases FREE Foundations Staccato Brass For Kontakt Player


Heavyocity releases Foundations Staccato Brass, a free orchestral brass sound library for Kontakt Player.

I absolutely love the Foundations collection from Heavyocity! It offers a bit of everything from Nylon Guitar to Piano and Synth Bass, and it’s all free.

Staccato Brass captures the unique impact of various staccato articulations from a modern brass ensemble.

It’s fair to say that brass instruments and ensembles aren’t always the most convincing in virtual form. Some aren’t too unlike something you’d get from the sound bank of a toy keyboard. It’s also fair to say that the overall quality of cinematic libraries has dramatically improved in recent years.

I’m making these obvious observations because people sometimes have more negative assumptions in this niche than others. For example, I think people are often more likely to expect good results from a free synth emulation than a free strings/brass library.

Creating a high-quality cinematic library takes a lot of work, and it’s easy to assume that anything less than the very expensive big players will sound like those toy keyboards. With this rambling intro, I want to stress that while terrible libraries still exist, some cinematic freebies are epic, and you shouldn’t miss out on them.

Articulations of any kind are often the worst part of any cinematic library. It’s common to have strings or brass that sound fantastic on sustained legato notes/chords but lose all sense of realism when transitioning into a different articulation.

Heavyocity’s Staccato Brass gives you realism in areas where you need real impact.

Staccato can be impactful in various ways; it’s not just the cheesy orchestral hit sound. You’ll hear staccato brass in scores that evoke polar opposite emotions, like triumphant joy and absolute fear.

Staccato brass is also a common way to create rhythmic content with ostinato patterns driving a scene.

Foundations Staccato Brass has ten custom presets and two sound sources: Staccato Brass Ensemble and Ambient Brass Texture.

This library delivers realism but adds a synthetic element that brings an ultra-modern hybrid character. You can take a fairly traditional approach to scoring staccato brass, or you can experiment, pairing the impact of the brass with a droning, dark, or ethereal texture.

If you’ve used Foundations libraries before, the GUI follows the same straightforward trend as previous releases. It includes Gate/Arpeggio/Envelope control, a two-channel mixer, and a Master FX section featuring Punch, Delay, and Reverb.

I’m a sucker for cinematic freebies, and for me, this one is epic (pair it with Foundations Staccato Strings).

Foundations Staccato Brass runs in the free Kontakt Player (6.7.1 upwards)

Download: Staccato Brass (FREE)


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  1. i don’t like these heavyocity and even project sam freebies there not like the spitfire freebies and the sine player freebies there too cut down tbh , and just to make you buy more from
    heavyocity so in that vain i dont really thank them for the freebies , stuff like rainsong is much more of a full

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