Heavyocity Releases FREE Foundations Nylon Guitar For Kontakt Player


Heavyocity releases Foundations Nylon Guitar, a free Kontakt library compatible with Kontakt Player.

Nylon Guitar is the third offering from the Heavyocity Foundations series. We looked at Foundations Staccato Strings and Foundations Piano earlier this year, which are great freebies (if you haven’t already got them).

The Foundations series is especially nice because these instruments run on the free Kontakt player, making them accessible to more users.

So, it’s great to see Heavyocity continue this series with Nylon Guitar.

The thing about guitar VSTs, especially something like a nylon guitar, is that many people tend to complain that they aren’t realistic enough. Criticism might be fair with a VST that’s just not very good, but the criticism is a bit harsh in many cases.

I’m sure we’ve covered this ground already, but some instruments don’t translate as convincingly as others in the virtual world, and realism depends mainly on how you use it. As a keyboard player, if I had to choose just one real instrument for a project, it wouldn’t be a piano; it would be a guitar, saxophone, etc. I say that because I can trust a piano VST to be more broadly convincing without relying on context than a guitar or sax plugin.

I went on a mini-rant there, huh? I’m just hoping that anyone who would maybe skip a plugin like Nylon Guitar might give it a chance. You can create some beautiful stuff with these plugins in the proper context and with realistic expectations.

Nylon Guitar has two sound sources; Soft Nylon Guitar and Ambient String Texture. It has a two-channel mixer to blend sound sources in real-time, and ten factory presets.

It also features Gate and Arpeggio control for creating complex rhythms. These features are great because when you try to play something too complicated, the authenticity can start to fall away, but using the arpeggiator can make it feel more solid (unless you want a rubato sequence, of course).

You also get Envelope control, Master FX (Punch, Delay, Reverb), and a nice-looking GUI to match the previous Foundations releases.

You hear this kind of sound in Lo-Fi music a lot, typically playing some ostinato phrase/hook. It suits various styles, but one of the cool things about this particular Nylon Guitar is that it offers a more cinematic, even ethereal sound than most others.

Foundations Nylon Guitar runs in Kontakt 6 and the FREE Kontakt Player 6.

Download: Foundations Nylon Guitar


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