Soundiron Releases FREE Rainsong Kontakt Player Library


Soundiron’s free Rainsong sound library is now fully compatible with the free Kontakt Player plugin.

I am a fan of repurposing mundane sounds and breathing new life into them. Someone must agree over at Soundiron, at least going by their wonderful Kontakt library called Rainsong.

Rainsong is a different take on sampling and is based entirely on rainfall.

Now, this isn’t just standard atmosphere and foley work. Instead, it is a fully playable tonal instrument.

You get access to a slew of presets which transform the sound of rainfall into synths, pads, and much more.

In use, Rainsong is an interesting take on resynthesis. The sounds have a certain organic quality about them.

You can, of course, add the more natural rain sounds in as well if you want, at least when using some of the sound effects on offer.

The drones and environments blend well together, making compelling fodder for film scoring. The pads and synths sound right at home in a wide array of genres.

Some of them worked quite well for me in chillout and ambient works. The atmospheres make for great film-scoring material.

Rainsong is a novel instrument filled with nearly 60 playable presets to get your creative juices flowing. Users can now access Rainsong for free even if they only own the freeware Kontakt Player plugin from Native Instruments.

It has been an absolutely wonderful year for free Kontakt libraries that work with the Player version of the plugin. This is an absolutely welcome change following the years dominated by “only free for the full version of Kontakt” libraries.

Rainsong is a free instrument with no designs to sell in the near future, so you can grab it at your leisure. Windows users will need the full version of Kontakt or Kontakt Player, along with Windows 7 or later.

Mac users can also access it, with OS X 10.12 or newer being supported. Kontakt and Kontakt Player are Intel and Apple Silicon ready.

Rainsong is a wonderfully fun library that I could see becoming a great bed of inspiration, depending on your preferred genre. It isn’t a tidy solution for all your sound sources, but the pads are special.

Download: Rainsong (FREE)


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  1. Shreepad M Gandhi


    Fully agree with
    This is an absolutely welcome change following the years dominated by “only free for the full version of Kontakt” libraries.
    I got recently an excellent guitar plugin by Impact soundworks…their earlier version worked only with fully paid Kontakt…however now they released one for free kontakt player too…and it’s really nice…i happily donated 5 USD on their request for voluntary support.

    • yeah there are some gold nee free kontakt player libaries like this and impact soundworks , the heavyocity ones are rubbish

  2. I’ve had issues with the library not appearing/working in my full version of Kontakt. I spent much time problem solving to no avail. The requirements aren’t comprehensive.

    Is this only for Kontakt Version 8? If anyone could confirm it would be much appreciated.

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