Get Universal Audio’s 1176 Classic Limiter Collection For Only £39


Plugin Boutique offers the 1176 Classic Limiter Collection by Universal Audio for only £39 for a limited time.

There’s nothing new about a good deal at Plugin Boutique; they give us plenty of discounts and freebies. But now and then, an exceptional offer stands out as almost too good to pass up, and I think this deal is one of them.

Universal Audio’s 1176 Classic Limiter Collection usually costs £299, but you can save a massive £260 right now and buy it for just £39.

In addition to the huge discount, you can also pick up this month’s free gift with your purchase. This month, you can choose between Audiomodern Loopmix Lite and the Mastering The Mix eBook as your September gift.

The Universal Audio 1176 Classic Limiter Collection delivers what UAD calls the definitive 1176 emulation. The collection includes emulations of three generations of 1176 compressors: The Rev A (Blue Stripe), Rev E (Blackface), and the anniversary AE Edition.

The 1176 is an iconic bit of gear with an iconic sound, so we don’t need to get into the history too much. But, if you aren’t too familiar with the legendary unit, there’s plenty of interesting content online that covers the history, sound, and many, many famous users.

One signature feature of the 1176 (all three generations) is its simple controls.

The main controls are the Input, Output, Attack, and Release knobs, along with the Ratio buttons. There’s no threshold knob because the 1176 has a fixed threshold; instead, you use the Input knob to drive into the compressor.

Some vintage gear does more than it says on the box, and what I mean by that is that there’s a certain color and feel that comes from it, and 1176 is in that category.

The Rev E is famous for many things, but perhaps most notably, the crunch/punch it adds to drum tracks that bring them to life.

Similarly, the Rev A is famously good for vocals, and the AE Edition offers an interesting blend of the two. The AE Edition has a couple of excellent features that change things a little, like a slow attack mode and a 2:1 ratio.

The plugins offer as close to an authentic experience as you can get in virtual form with features like the all-buttons mode. Pushing all ration buttons in on the original hardware created a much more aggressive 1176, and the plugins mimic that very well.

There are many free compressors out there, like our BPB Dirty LA (be sure to try it out), so it’s sometimes hard to justify spending money if you don’t have to.

However, my experience with UAD plugins has been largely positive, with my biggest complaint being that they are very expensive. If there’s ever an easier time to justify spending the money, it’s when you get a mammoth discount. For me, this collection is worth £39 every day of the week.

Check out the deal: 1176 Classic Limiter Collection (Currently available for only £39)


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