Wasted Audio Releases FREE WSTD Dlay


Wasted Audio released WSTD Dlay, a freeware delay plugin for digital audio workstations on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

I love delay plugins. I think I’ve said it a few times here before. I never hesitate to purchase delays, and my plugin folder is practically swelling with them.

I can’t help it; delays are fun to use.

And if you also love delays, WSTD Dlay might be worth a bit of your time. WSTD Dlay is a companion to its bigger sibling, WSTD DL3Y.

The free Dlay plugin has a pared-down feature set but is still plenty usable.

The interface is simple and to the point. You’ve got a small handful of controls and some useful functions. There are four primary controls, each with an express and unique function.

The time knob sets the delay length. You’ve got values as low as 50ms and as high as 5000ms. This can be time-synced thanks to the little selector next to it. You’ve got ranges as low as 1/6 or as high as six times the project tempo when enabled.

Feedback should be self-explanatory and is a common control to have on a delay. It works well here and gets into chaotic screeching ranges when pushed to the maximum.

Cross modulation is present, which blends the left and right stereo signals. This can be left in regular stereo, inverted, or set as a ping-pong delay.

Against Dan Worrall’s advice, I am a sucker for ping-pong delays. As such, I left this as ping pong only for the duration of my testing.

The final control is just a mix knob, which is useful for setting Dlay as a send or an insert. It is a lean and mean delay ready for any sort of space odyssey.

I could lament the lack of certain features like tap modulation, but I think that would betray the actual purpose of Dlay. It is a wonderful little Dlay that wastes no time getting to the point.

Dlay is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Supported plugin formats are VST, VST3, CLAP, and LV2 formats. Wasted Audio is also running a sale for the whole of September, so you can snag paid plugins for a cool 50% off until the 30th.

Download: WSTD Dlay (FREE / Pay what you want)


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      Dan had a video from ages back where he references using ping-pong vs. stereo delays. I cannot remember the exact one, or which of his clients the video might be under. However, it just made a distinct impression on me.

      I continue to use ping-pong delays with little regard or care for any safe mixing practices.

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