Waves MaxxVolume Is FREE For 24 Hours Only! (OFFER ENDED)


Free Kontaktina and Waves Audio offer the MaxxVolume plugin as a FREE download for a limited time. The offer expires in less than 24 hours (scheduled to end at 5:00 PM JST on September 17th).

UPDATE: This promo has ended.

MaxxVolume is a four-in-one dynamics processor by Waves Audio. It packs a couple of compressors, a volume leveler, and a gate in a single plugin with the idea of gently enhancing the dynamics while avoiding audible compression artifacts.

The two compressor modules target different areas of the input signal. The so-called Low-Level Compressor aims at the finer details, bringing them into focus. For example, you can use it to slightly enhance the huskiness of a vocal or the string characteristics in a guitar performance.

The High-Level Compressor works as a traditional dynamics reduction tool. You can use it to tame the peaks in a recording and gently level the overall performance. I tested it on a live drum recording, and it glued it together quite nicely without reducing the dynamics too much.

My favorite part of MaxxVolume is the Leveler module. You can use it to make the volume of a recording more even without overcompressing the sound. It works great for leveling a vocal performance, as well as guitars and other solo sounds.

The Gate module is self-explanatory. It’s a basic noise get that reduces the volume of any signal below the threshold. You can use it to remove the background noise from vocals and other recordings.

It only works on the quiet parks of the recording. For advanced noise removal, check out the free Goyo Voice Separator plugin.

MaxxVolume is free for a limited time via Free Kontaktina, a Japanese website for plugin deals. The offer ends at 5:00 PM (Japan Time), so there are less than 24 hours left to get the deal.

To claim your free copy of MaxxVolume, visit the promo page linked below and locate the promo link (check the screenshot). Then, log in to your Waves Audio user account (or sign up) and click the blue GET IT FREE button.

MaxxVolume is available on Windows and macOS in VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats.

Get the deal: Free Kontaktina (PROMO ENDED)

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


    • Thanks Tomislav, BPB, Waves & Free Kontaktina ✊😉👍
      I used brave browser to access this website on Mac and there was an option to translate the whole webpage into English at the top

  1. Also, just a quick heads-up: it looks like Waves is also having a MASSIVE SALE!!! Some of their most popular plugins are on sale for just $29.99!!!!

    Better hurry though, the sale is this weekend only – looks like it will end on Monday (which means these plugins will go back to their regular prices…. some of them are norrmally $199.99. That’s over 80% off!).

    Just in case any of my fellow BPBers need to stock up on some new gear. Don’t say we didn’t tell ya!

    • Thank you Obo.

      A quick note:
      Waves and others do those sales all the time. Only spend that money if you can afford it easily. Never feel pressured by those “time-limited” sales.

  2. The GUI is absolutely horrible and the install is insane. They literally included a twitter tutorial on how to install it. Like bro, just give me the link, I’ll figure the rest out. It’s not rocket science. Thanks to bpb as always though.

    • Jasper Labuschagne


      No idea how I ended up not getting it anyway too! Waves. They really are special. Special thanks goes out to Waves, for basically not giving me a bday present.

      I’ll be honest, I own one of their products, paid for CR8. Thought I might as well get this, right?.. Seeing as they even withheld something else… Cosmos.

      Amazing work Waves! Happy happy!

      Kin_G -JLab

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