Milestone Madness: James’ 500th Article GIVEAWAY Special


Right off the bat, I apologize for choosing a headline that could describe a terrible gameshow that the network should have canceled 499 episodes ago.

With that said, I do have a milestone to celebrate, and there’s no better way to celebrate than some FREE plugins.

This article marks my 500th post for BPB (Editor’s Note: here’s the first one), and while I plan to be around for many more, I want to use this milestone to say thank you.

I want to thank Tomislav, who, I’m sure we all agree, does an epic job in this community!

Of course, I want to thank the BPB community.

Thank all of you for being so welcoming when I joined and for continuing to be such an enthusiastic, sharing, supportive bunch of musical mad hatters (in the nicest possible way; I think we all have a little eccentricity).

If you’ve been around to read some of my previous posts, you might know that I’m a pianist who loves Jazz, Hip Hop, film scores, finger drumming with my trusty MPC, and I drink too much coffee.

I also reference movies, typically from the 80s, in articles whenever there’s the slightest opportunity. As do I go off on cinematic composition tangents without warning. While I’m unapologetic in saying both things will happen again, I appreciate you putting up with it!

One of the first things I loved about being part of BPB was the positive nature of the comment sections. I’ve been around music long enough to know that you never stop learning, but I also know that closed minds and doors are still too prominent in music.

I’m using such a terrible cliché because I love how helpful you are to each other here, and I never miss a chance to learn from the comments when I can. I just wanted to highlight it and share my appreciation.

With that in mind, I want to give something back to the readers who have motivated and inspired me.

So, we have four prizes to give away.

The Giveaway

One lucky winner will receive our top prize:

Three runners-up will receive a free UAD plugin with the following up for grabs:

As a bonus, each person chosen will get a free copy of Inferno SFX Standard from Flame Sound (epic cinematic sounds).

Now comes the part where I tell you I want something in return!

I have a project due to come off the shelf, and I want your input (please).

To enter the giveaway, please answer the following in the comments:

  1. What kind of sample packs do you like, use, or want most? (Feel free to name genres, instruments, or anything else you feel relevant.)
  2. When you think of an epic soundtrack/score, which movie comes to mind first, and why?
  3. If you could go to any city in the world to be musically inspired, where would it be?

These somewhat random questions are connected; don’t worry; thank you so much for everything!

The winner and runners-up will be chosen at random from the comments and announced here on October 22, 2023! Thank you all, and good luck!

The winners are:

1) lmndtm (MAIN PRIZE)

2) Richard

3) Mikolaj Holowko

4) Jon D

Congratulations! :)

Keep an eye on your inbox – we will send you the prizes via email.

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James is a musician and writer from Scotland. An avid synth fan, sound designer, and coffee drinker. Sometimes found wandering around Europe with an MPC in hand.


    • 1. Well recorded, dry, ethnic instruments and found sound/field recordings

      2. Vangelis’ work on the original Blade Runner is pretty hard to beat.

      3. Istanbul, Turkey.

      • I neglected to say why I would choose Blade Runner: Quite simply, it’s the highest level of synergy between a film’s visual aesthetic and its soundtrack that I’ve ever seen.

    • I neglected to say why I would choose Blade Runner: Quite simply, it’s the highest level of synergy between a film’s visual aesthetic and its soundtrack that I’ve ever seen.

  1. 1. Vocal and live instruments. And also I love foley and environmental sounds.
    2. The Fountain by Darren Aronofsky. Because Clint Mansell, Kronos Quartet and Mogwai is incredible combination and they did incredible job. Hey, this is the first thing that comes to my mind after all these years, I think that says a lot!
    3. Ukraine. Kyiv or Lviv. That would definitely be awesome.

  2. Anything orchestral
    Hans Zimmer – The Da Vinci Code,obviously The Da Vinci Code,it’s just pure joy to make you sad and happy altogether.
    Vienna just to attend on a Vienna Philharmonic show

  3. Thomas Collison


    Congratulations and many thanks James!

    1. World instruments and esoteric instruments
    2. Raiders of the Lost Ark. It’s pure adventure!
    3. Trømso, Norway

  4. 1. I kinda used to like good soundfonts (I can rant about this, particularly when I use FL studio).
    2. Randomly? Braveheart (seriously I don’t even remember). I would say Terminator 2 simply because I’ve watched it more than any other movie, but I didn’t really sit and “judge” movie scores and I haven’t watched movies in a long time.
    3. I’m in Africa, I’d probably stay in Africa. We could use more metal though. I do like a rather large variety of music and have a bit of an affinity for some Persian music I guess. So, maybe Istanbul. Maybe France. Maybe Norway. Maybe China. Too difficult for me too prioritize that tbh.

  5. 1. Ethnic vocals, rare ethnic instrumets | Unusual or wierd industrial ambient, noise
    2. Blade Runner | most of Ramin Djawadi music from “Person of Interest”
    3. Kadykchan

  6. 1. Usually one-shots, fx and drones / background textures.
    2. Hard to pick one, but LOTR trilogy OST is absolutely epic and immersive.
    3. Somewhere in Japan.

  7. 1. I use a lot of drums as place holders until I program my own, or record a buddy on the kit. I also like found sounds (field recordings).
    2. Joe Hisaishi’s “Princess Mononoke”
    Max Steiner “Gone with the Wind’
    John Williams “Jurassic Park”
    My 3 favorite scores from my 3 favorite film composers.
    3. New Orleans for sure, Followed by Tokyo, then Paris.

  8. 1. Here are 3 examples that I think would be cool:
    Hi-Hat Loops that fit well with Pop & EDM (no trap!!) that are not too complex but groovy. Organic sounds that are not overly processed, so you can use them well as layers for your existing drums. Good Kicks, it’s so hard to find good kicks!!

    2. Without a doubt Interstellar because of the gorgeous Organ

    3. Cuba!

  9. 1. Drum samples. Preferably for Trigger 2. Iwantthatsound is pretty cool.
    2. The Good, the bad and the Ugly
    3. New Orleans

  10. 1. Acoustic Drums Sample Packs – You can’t recreate shakers, realistic hi hats and crashes with synths, it’s only the sound you get with recordings
    2. Dune, definitely, Hanz Zimmer is crazy with atmospheric soundscape like scores.
    3. New York probably, many events happen there

  11. 1. My own created drum pack and sounds
    2 After I saw a documentary about the creation of the sounds for the film Star Wars, I was very impressed, and even now I think that it is definitely one of the best works that has ever been done for a film. Therefore, I think that Star Wars is definitely beyond competition.
    3. New-York or LA

  12. 1.Guitar /Drum loop
    2 When You Believe soundtrack
    The Prince of Egypt movie ( It is a beautiful and impressive singing.)

  13. 1. I want orchestral swells Ala Jamiroquai’s Virtual Insanity intro.

    2. Conan the Barbarian– it transports me to another time and place, it’s an incredible soundtrack…

    3. Kyoto, Japan. Otherworldly.

  14. 1. I like funky, break and ethnic drum loops, but I also like saxophones that I can twist and reverse somehow.

    2. Una Mattina – Ludovico Einaudi (Quasi Amici / The Intouchables)

    3. Athens (Greece)

  15. 1. Drum n bass/trap/drill samples. Plenty around, but plenty are missing

    2. The Matrix. Groundbreaking and under rated soundtrack.

    3. Vatican City

  16. 1. Vocal samples as I am an EDM producer with no vocal talent of my own
    2. Jurassic Park as it is truly epic and I love dinosaurs.
    3. Miami as who wouldn’t want a dance festival in the sun, also I’ve been a lot of locations but never been to America

  17. Congrats on your 500th post for BPB.

    1. I like sample packs that are focused around top artists within a specify genre, that includes drum sounds/loops, midi files and most importantly, synth presets. I find re-creating songs fun and very educational.
    2. My first thoughts are Star Wars soundtracks as they used to light me up with excitement, but the movies no longer appeal. That leaves James Bond and Lord of the Rings soundtracks fighting for my first choice, and a quick toss of a coin concludes my choice is James Bond.
    3. Belgium, to attend Tomorrowland

  18. 1. Tea towel drums. Vintage Ludwig drum kit recorded bone dry with loads of damping on the heads, Ringo Starr style.
    2. Yojimbo soundtrack by Masaru Satoh. I could have picked any number of Japanese movie composers from the 60s on, but this one stands out because its boldness becomes inseparable from the main character.
    3. Reykjavik.

  19. 1. Drums and percs. “THE RIGHT KICK” is always the thing. Percs are also needed to make the rhythm live and move. It is always hard to find the perfect fitting samples.
    2. Interstellar. With repetition, it made tremendous amount of tension and suspense.
    3. NYC. The vibe of the city is awesome.

    • 1. Sounds in HD drum packs. Or a LucasArts Foley sfx sound pack.

      2. Charlie and rhe Chocolate Factory Soundtrack.

      3. Some old time saloon and learn from rhe players there and take in all the experience of being there.

  20. 1. Drum Samples – I’d like to use Vengeance packs or something alike in order to have good drums for heavy genres
    2. Either Mystic Quest or Nier Automata soundtracks, they really really are epic. Older I could mention Saint Seiya or Final Fantasy series.
    3. Some cities of Asia, where you have neon lights at night and you can make some noise at night while having cheap booze

  21. Samples-Scary horror film type piano/synth echo reverb samples, real drum one shots, hi-hats, snares, kicks for metal, cello, violin melodies.

    soundtrack- The Red Violin, because I really enjoy Violin. John Corigliano did a fantastic job on that score.

    City- Rome, Italy

  22. Thank you guys!

    My answers for the giveaway:
    1. Orchestral one-hits, EDM synth and midi packs, Soft vocal choir and phrases.
    2. Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992).
    3. Berlin.

  23. 1. I’m pretty new to the game so right now I’m pretty open to all kinds of Plugins, especially looking (cinematic) instruments
    2. I think Hans Zimmer always does an amazing job scoring films, same with John Williams and the Star Wars Movies.
    3. Venice or (totally different world) Nashville

  24. 1. all sound effects from Doom 64 and Quake 64
    2. The Adventures of Ford Fairlane. Yello. enough said
    3. Encinitas CA

  25. 1.Well, I like packages in the style of slow and calm music, like Lo-Fi, but something orchestral or maybe something stronger, maybe something more in nature.
    2.Lord of the Rings
    3. Vienna, I had no idea which city it was, but it caught my attention because of its past.

    And I would like to thank you and Tomislav very much, for the newsletters, I don’t remember how I found BPB, but I know that without it I wouldn’t have this dozen of plugins and many more that sometimes I even forget exist, thank you very much, always the most grateful emails in my inbox!

  26. 1. anything that I’m not able to record myself in my bedroom studio, whether it’s brass because I can’t play any of those instruments, to orchestras, to a kick-ass street busker playing the bagpipes
    2. Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I played that vinyl record over and over. The combination of analog synth sounds with thrilling orchestra is unique. Plus there was a disco version.
    3. Kingston, Jamaica. The expansive experiments that developed in the ska, reggae, dub, and dancehall studios was amazing.

  27. 1- EDM. Techno. Alternative Rock. Hip Hop.
    Mainly drum loops. Exotic percussions. Ethnic instruments. SFX.

    2-Star Wars

    3.Saint Tropez, France

  28. 1. sample packs chock full of dub reggae, delta blues guitar, didgeridoo & sitar one shots and combos, and Tuareg music their rhythms (percussion) and guitar
    2. gladiator: because of Lisa Gerrard’s angelic voice and Hans Zimmer’s excellent pacing
    3. wherever the Tuareg are

  29. Clarrie Macklin


    1. I mainly use studio drum sample packs, especially packs with decent cymbals, snares, and kicks I can use to beef up my drum recordings
    2. The Hans Zimmer score for Dune. As well as being a big Dune fan, this was the first movie score I heard with an Atmos sound system. God damn it was epic. The soundtrack for the original Dune by Toto is pretty lit too, I have to say.
    3. London! Honestly, I’m from a small city in New Zealand and while the scene here is great, it’s pretty limited. There’s just no comparison to big cities in Europe where there’s something happening every night and sub-cultures of all genres popping up

  30. Congratulations on reaching such a significant milestone, James!

    As for your questions:

    Sample Packs: I’m a big fan of sample packs that focus on organic instruments, particularly strings and woodwinds. They add a layer of depth and authenticity to digital compositions. Genre-wise, I’d love to see more packs dedicated to Lo-Fi and Chillhop. These genres have been gaining traction, and quality samples can make a big difference.

    Epic Soundtrack/Score: The first movie that comes to mind is “Inception”. Hans Zimmer’s score for that film is nothing short of iconic. The way the music builds tension and emotion is unparalleled, and it plays a significant role in the storytelling. The use of the “Shepard tone” to create an auditory illusion of a never-ending ascent is genius.

    Musically Inspiring City: I would choose Vienna, Austria. Known as the “City of Music,” Vienna has a rich musical history that includes composers like Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert. The city’s classical architecture and vibrant cultural scene would undoubtedly provide endless inspiration.

  31. 1. Vocal packs, drum packs, bass packs
    2. Shawshank Redemption for its creativity and absolute capturing of the mood of the movie.
    3. Nashville

  32. 1. Usually oneshot drums and synths. I use them in electronic music and techno-metal.

    2. Star Wars. Big, bombastic orchestras with clear emotions, and songs that are remembered by pretty much everyone.

    3. San Francisco. Love me some thrash.

  33. Michael Anthony Noel


    1. Piano Samples. I’m crazy for them. Always on the lookout.
    2. Vince Guiraldi’s supreme Autumnal Score to The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. My favorite movie of all time. The Great Pumpkin Waltz is my favorite song of all time.
    3. Any sincere Pumpkin Patch will do.

    Thank you for asking.

    And you?

  34. 1) I love dark drones samples and urban metallic sounds percussion.

    2) The film “Inception” drones and orchestra strings stand out to me. Excellent driving power and emotion to the film.

    3) Paris in nighttime!

  35. 1. Hans Zimmer Drums
    2. Hans Zimmer – Leaving Wallbrook-On the Road – from Rain Man. For me this theme is about escaping and freedom
    3. Los Angeles

  36. 1. Sound design, drum samples, phrases played by an orchestra
    2. The Matrix (I just think that Don Davis perfectly blends minimalism with avant-garde to create a creepy but still epic soundtrack for the first movie)
    3. London

  37. 1. Hip-hop drum samples
    2. ET – beautiful soundtracks gives all needed to creates the beauti atmosphere of this movie
    3. Lhasa (Tibet) to get inspired in meditation music

  38. 1. Drum Breaks || Atmospheric pads
    2. Ennio Morricone the good, the bad and the ugly and C’era Una Volta Il West
    3. London

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