Tape It Denoiser Is A FREE AI-Powered Noise Reduction Tool


Tape It releases Denoiser, a freeware AI-powered studio-quality noise reduction tool.

Tape It is a German company founded by Thomas Walther in 2020. Although based in Berlin, Thomas leads a small remote team with members in London, LA, and Stockholm.

Denoiser is an AI-powered noise reduction service promising studio-quality results for free. Tape It’s Denoiser is available as an iOS app or via the Tape It website.

AI-powered services, effects, and instruments are becoming more common every day; we’ve covered a couple already this week, including Neutone, a plugin that uses various AI models to transform incoming audio into all kinds of instruments.

We also covered some of the best free AI music generator software.

At this stage, I think it’s easier to get on board with AI software that tackles more practical tasks like noise reduction than creative tasks.

Using AI this way versus creating instruments or chord progressions, for example, seems to be a little further down the line and, ultimately, more convincing (for now, at least).

Removing unwanted noise from a recording is often a tedious process that rarely produces perfect results.

Whether we are trying to remove nasty background noise or extract vocals from a track, we typically encounter the same problem.

The problem is that the process of removing background noise or separating stems usually leaves us with audio that is degraded or altered to some extent. With that in mind, it becomes about finding the best compromise between noise reduction/removal and a natural sound.

While we don’t expect perfection, we need an acceptable result, and thankfully, plugins and platforms offering this service are getting better all the time.

Another issue, although there are exceptions, is that the most user-friendly services sometimes aren’t as polished, and the most polished services aren’t always user-friendly.

That brings us to Denoiser’s three main areas of focus:

  • Immediate results
  • Accessibility
  • Protecting the original sound

Denoiser is free to use, and it delivers results quickly, so the first two areas of focus are easily covered. In addition to being free and fast, it’s straightforward to use; after uploading an audio file, you have a slider to set the reduction strength and a bypass switch to compare to the original audio.

The third area of focus is the most interesting: protecting the original sound. As I said above, it’s not uncommon to experience a level of audio degradation, hopefully small enough to live with, but when it changes the character of the original sound, it’s a problem.

Tape It’s video demo shows Denoiser doing an impressive job on live performances, and that’s a very encouraging sign. After uploading a few files, I was also pleased with those results, but I still want to give the software a few more complex challenges.

If Denoiser continues delivering impressive results from unimpressive recordings, it could be a gem of an app.

I’ll say this for a few more days: enter our Milestone Madness giveaway if you haven’t already, and good luck!

Try it out: Denoiser (FREE)


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  1. Scherbenfabrik


    I’ve tried an Acoustic Guitar, recorded via mobile build-in mic. Pretty noisy, with some cars passing by outside, unclipped and therefore rattling string ends, PC fans, etc.

    I didn’t like the default setting. Way too much loss in the highs. Very dull muffled sound. The (maximum) light Version was much clearer, but had some gate-like behavior, with the noise returning to some degree when a sound was playing.
    The cars however were transformed as well, with a somewhat interesting feel. More like waves kinda.

    Now i am thinking about putting some more weird stuff into it to get some unusual noise back that i can add to some tracks. Kinda ironic hehe.

  2. Frank Labuschagne


    Dunno how else to contact you guys…

    Purafied Liquid Death Snare seems to be free at the moment (I can randomly went there and discovered that) on the purafied site.

  3. Thanks James, BPB & Tape It, this looks like a good one.

    Also Streaky has released Colourbox, an audio plug-in (not free but a demo is available to try)
    it’s an awesome EQ with a touch of saturation (and magic) it sounds incredible.

    • Just in case you don’t know who “Streaky” is, he is a mastering engineer and he also makes very good and helpful videos about mixing and mastering for his youtube channel
      Colourbox has 50% off until this Friday 20/10/23, with code “LaunchYT” (in the youtube link)


  4. I gonna test it just as a matter of curiosity since a get last month Rx 10 elements and it’s very helpful, extremely precise, beside goyo one of the best

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