ToneLib Releases FREE NoiseReducer Noise Reduction VST Plugin


ToneLib offers NoiseReducer, a freeware noise gate plugin for digital audio workstations on Windows, macOS, and Linux (Ubuntu).

NoiseReducer is a free noise gate plugin that consists of two units; the Studio Rack Unit and the EasyGate Unit. Both units are incredibly easy to use and offer different ways to deal with unwanted noise.

Starting with the Studio Rack Unit, despite being the more complex of the two units, it’s still straightforward with no unnecessary controls.

It has four control knobs for Depth, Attack, Hold, and Decay. So, when you want to have more control over how the plugin responds to the input signal, you start with the Studio Rack Unit. Beyond the four control knobs, there is a Threshold slider, Bypass switch, and Auto Mode button.

Engaging Auto Mode will simplify things further by reducing the entire effect setting to the single Threshold slider.

The EasyGate Unit (based on a NoiseGate Guitar Pedal) is a one-knob (Sensitivity) unit that primarily targets the guitar’s frequency range. Beside the Sensitivity knob is a switch that toggles between Hard and Soft modes.

If Hard mode is engaged, it will significantly increase the sensitivity of the effect.

Now is a good time to mention that NoiseReducer works both as a plugin and in standalone mode. And, since the EasyGate Unit focuses on the guitar’s frequency range, it could be helpful when jamming ideas outside of your DAW.

The plugin has a Frequency Spectrum Display feature, which makes it easy to monitor the effect the plugin is having on the input signal. Obviously, that kind of visual feedback can make it easier to tweak parameters till it’s just right.

ToneLib is no stranger to simple but highly functional plugins. Earlier this year, we looked at TubeWarmth and BassDrive, two plugins offering varying levels of overdrive for guitar and bass.

ToneLib’s NoiseReducer is available in AU, VST, VST3, and Standalone formats for macOS (10.9 upwards), Linux (Ubuntu), and Windows (7 upwards).

Download: ToneLib NoiseReducer


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