Swish Swoosh Release Little Amber Free Edition For Kontakt Player


Swish Swoosh released Little Amber, a free horror sample library for Kontakt Player by Native Instruments.

It’s the spookiest time of year, so some horror-themed plugins and sample packs are a given. Little Amber Free is a cinematic horror instrument intended for creating a dread-filled ambiance in your productions.

The full version of Amber is intended as a dark soundscape factory. It is a Kontakt library, but you’re given a pair of sound sources and an X/Y pad to blend things in as desired.

Little Amber aims for the same overall concept, albeit with far more limited sound sources and available resources.

The free version has a single drone and a pair of sound sources. You get access to Broken Cello and Shockwave, which sounded plenty foreboding to me when in use.

There aren’t any FX available for the free version as well, but I figure most folks are plush with options to manipulate and sound design through their DAW and third-party options.

Little Amber is very much a one-trick pony, you won’t be designing intense pulse sequences or atonal metallic percussion with the sound sources here. However, it does that one trick quite well.

It does come with a reverb, thankfully, which is always a pleasant thing to see included with any virtual instrument or sample library.

I’m not much of a horror composer, but I can definitely see this being a useful tool for producers looking to add that simmering tension and unease to a track.

The sound sources included are great and really do sell that familiar yet wrong tonality I come to expect as a horror film fan. I do enjoy that you can blend them together with the X/Y slider that is central to the main interface.

If you’d like to grab Little Amber for yourself, it is free to download. It runs on Kontakt Player in addition to Kontakt, so just about everyone is covered if they choose. This is a welcome change after years of minimal support for Kontakt Player.

Little Amber is available for any platform that can run Kontakt or Kontakt Player. You’ll need version 7 or higher to run the sample library, so Apple Silicon users should be well-handled.

Download: Little Amber (FREE)


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  1. Frank Labuschagne


    With things like generative sampling essentially filling another gap in potential toolkits, I find myself almost actively avoiding sample packs and such…which is somewhat ironic consider it kinda functions like a variable synth and I’ve traditionally had issues with samples. But yeah generative sampling + more direct control etc is quite effective.

    • Frank Labuschagne


      To claridy, with issues i mean formats, players/plugins, availability…like i’ve never even used kontakt (can’t).

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