Sonuscore Releases FREE The Saw Cinematic Textures For Kontakt Player


Sonuscore has just released The Saw, a free cinematic instrument that is fully compatible with the free Kontakt Player.

Perfectly fitting for the current Halloween vibe, it’s a haunting and eerie instrument that will send shivers down your spine and create a unique atmosphere in your productions. It can be useful for adding an ominous, horror-inspired sound to your compositions.

Honestly, I’m a huge fan of horror soundtracks since they usually feature the most interesting sound design, being one of the most creative and experimental genres in the movie industry.

That is the reason why I’m always delighted to add new horror-inspired tools to my arsenal.

FREE The Saw is a simple but very effective and expressive instrument.

It is stacked with variations in sound as the team behind Sonuscore attacked the jagged edges of a saw with a delicate, horse-haired violin bow in all kinds of ways.

Despite all the creepy moans and groans you can get out of the sheet of metal, pitch control is not among the advantages of the instrument, as they explain. That’s why they added a tight pitch control system so that you can tune it to your needs, making the instrument ‘sing’ in your project as it follows the notes you’ve assigned.

There are three main sections displayed on the main panel of the instrument: Shape, EQ, and FX.

The first includes separate Speed and Tune controls, as well as Attack for extra customization possibilities. Whether you want to create a slow, mournful melody or a frenetic, creepy sound The Saw has got you covered.

The EQ section features just three knobs corresponding to three separate frequency bands of Low, Mid, and High. These can prove handy for quickly shaping the overall sonic character of the sound you’re crafting.

The FX section at the bottom includes one-knob Distortion, Compression, and Reverb effects. If you combine the weird and creepy tones of the instrument with these creative effects, the results can be surprisingly cool.

At the bottom-left of the interface, a small but stylish waveform visualization is displayed. This changes according to the current patch played and can give you, at first glance, an insight into the amplitude envelope of the sound.

Overall, it’s a creative instrument that can add a unique, scary touch to your projects.

It must be noted that it is fully NKS compatible, making it quickly accessible with hardware by Native Instruments. It requires a minimum of 1.24 GB of free hard disc space and 4 GB of RAM.

Download: FREE The Saw (compatible with the FREE Kontakt Player)


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    Needs full Kontakt, per the popup when you go to add to cart, unless you are OK with time limited use in Player.

  2. Hitting the “Add to cart” button brings up a pop-up that makes you confirm that you understand that it does NOT work with the free player. Oh well.

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