Get VISION 4X Lite, UAD’s LA-2A, Or UJAM Mellow 2 FREE With Any Purchase


Plugin Boutique offers the VISION 4X Lite, UAD LA-2A, and UJAM Mellow 2 for free with any purchase until November 20th (one per checkout).

We’re just weeks away from Black Friday, and you’ll have to be hyper-vigilant for the absolute best deals.

To entice you to spend your hard-earned money at Plugin Boutique, they’re offering three freebies this month – you’ve got Excite Audio’s VISION 4X Lite, Universal Audio’s LA-2A, and UJAM’s Mellow 2 to grab this month with any purchase.

VISION 4X is a personal favorite of mine, and the light version offers quite a bit of the same functionality.

I had the chance to review the full version back when Soundbytes Magazine was still operational, and I absolutely adored the sheer amount of options for visualizing and metering your audio.

The light version seems to offer the same degree of functionality, just with fewer display modes. If you’re in need of a flexible visual analysis plugin, this is a fantastic option.

I will admit I don’t spend a lot of time with virtual guitars and basses. I typically just lay down my own recordings and call it a day. Mellow 2 from UJAM is a bit different, however, and samples a wonderful acoustic double bass.

I’m terrible at upright bass, so this is a great way to get some of the vibe and character from 50s jazz and soul recordings with minimal fuss. You don’t have to pay a session musician afterward, which is great because I’m skint for the holidays.

The final offering is a bit more contentious since it was free across the board just a few days ago. The LA-2A compressor from Universal Audio is the perfect taster to decide whether you want to get into the newly native world of UAD plugins.

This LA-2A has a wonderful degree of warmth to it, and might further entice you to spring for the whole LA-2A collection, like I did last month.

You can snag any of these freebies with any purchase over at Plugin Boutique for the month of November. I personally snagged Mellow 2 along with Playbeat 3 by Audiomodern.

I ended up getting two free plugins in addition to Playbeat since you can snag the newly released Freezr with the purchase of any Audiomodern plugin over at PB.

Check out the deal: Plugin Boutique Freebies (VISION 4X Lite, LA-2A, and Mellow 2 all free with a purchase at Plugin Boutique until November 20th)


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  1. I wonder is Overloud Gem Mod (“Roland Dimension Chorus”) still available to get for free. It was supposed to be only free in December 2021, but the page at Overloud is still up. Can somebody who didn’t get it back then, try to see if it still possible to get it free?

  2. I love Ujam but own more FX than their ‘one finger riffs’ plugins. Not really my thing but can’t argue that they do sound really good! I took a chance with Mellow 2 and glad I did. Impressive tones and nice playability when in normal mode and the endless amount of melodies are ripe for sampling. Great freebie.

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