Arturia Augmented Strings Intro Is FREE For A Limited Time


Arturia offers the Augmented Strings Intro virtual instrument as a free download for a limited time on Audio Plugin Deals.

We’re still weeks away from Black Friday, but there are already dozens of freebies and some incredible deals on music production gear. The latest musical freebie comes from Arturia, and it’s a blast.

Augmented Strings Intro is Arturia’s hybrid virtual instrument, which combines sampled strings and synthesis. The plugin takes the best of both worlds, allowing us to play realistic string sounds that can quickly evolve into lush synthesized lead sounds or anything in between.

The Intro version is essentially the “lightweight edition” of Arturia’s Augmented Strings (€99) instrument, with fewer presets and a smaller number of sound layers.

However, it still includes enough content to be worth the download, especially now that you can get it for free.

Augmented Strings Intro comes with 50 presets and two layers per patch. Each layer can hold up to two sound sources.

The instrument is easy to use. I love how you can quickly morph the sound by adjusting the balance between the two layers. I experimented with this feature a lot and was amazed by how quickly the Augmented Strings Intro transforms from an intimate string solo into a wide and lush cinematic ensemble.

However, the versatility doesn’t stop there. The instrument features seven additional macro knobs for adjusting the built-in effects and their parameters. Morphing the layers while adjusting the reverb and delay levels can quickly turn a basic string arpeggio sequence into a complex and exciting piece of music.

You can hear the Augmented Strings in action in the announcement video below.

If you’re looking for a virtual instrument that doesn’t sound like any other synthesizer in your collection, give Augmented Strings Intro a try. It is excellent for cinematic music but also fits electronic and similar music styles.

To get Augmented Strings Intro for free, visit the promo page linked below and complete the free checkout. You should instantly receive an email from Audio Plugin Deals with further instructions on downloading and activating Augmented Strings Intro from Arturia’s website.

Augmented Strings Intro is available in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats for Windows and macOS. It also works as a standalone app.

Get the deal: Augmented Strings Intro (FREE for a limited time)


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  1. Unable to login at APD in order to download.
    Correct username/password combos rejected, password reset request sends no email.
    Tried on MAC/PC, latest systems/browsers on each.
    Support request filed, no response…but APD continues to send me 2+ email offers daily.

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