Universal Audio LA-2A Tube Compressor Is FREE On AudioDeluxe


AudioDeluxe offers the LA-2A Tube Compressor plugin by Universal Audio as a free download for a limited time.

You thought you were escaping from the LA-2A, didn’t you? Universal Audio is fairly adamant that you need this dynamics processor in your life, and they won’t take no for an answer.

All jokes aside, the UAD LA-2A Tube Compressor is free yet again on AudioDeluxe. If you’ve somehow missed the initial offer that was announced everywhere back in October or haven’t purchased anything from Plugin Boutique this month, then you’re in luck.

We covered the LA-2A Tube Compressor last month, but it is definitely worth a look if you’re on the hunt for a very colored compressor. It was enough to convince me to dive into the ecosystem head-first, as I now have the full LA-2A collection, the 1176 collection, and the API 2500.

The compressor itself is fairly no-frills in terms of overall controls. You’ve got a gain knob and a peak reduction knob. You can choose to place the processor itself into light compression or go towards limiting if you so desire.

I’ve found it to be a wonderful tool for vocals, kicks, keys, guitars, and basses. I certainly liked it enough to just purchase the whole kit and kaboodle so I could have the myriad of colors on offer from UAD out of the LA-2A.

This isn’t a light or cut-down version by any means. It lacks the headroom and mix controls you might see on some UAD compressors, but it works wonders as a character processor.

I’ve found myself reaching for this one over the paid versions time and time again. It is a little too grabby for bus work, but on individual channels, it works quite well.

It also makes a great entry point into the ecosystem as a whole since UAD has been known for years for the strength of its EQs and compressors. Depending on what you’re after, you can even use this as a sidegrade or crossgrade option for the full LA-2A collection, the UAD Essentials bundle, or the UAD Mix Bundle.

This promotion is running for a limited time, or so they say. You might grab it since it plays nicely on Windows and Mac. It runs like an absolute champ on Apple Silicon as well.

For more discounts and freebies, check out our Black Friday deals page.

Download: LA-2A Tube Compressor (FREE)


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  1. Bigger UAD news is their free LUNA DAW is now available without needing one of their interfaces.

    It’s still Mac-only but at least that’s the only barrier now.

  2. I got it as bonus gift on pluginboutique. These download managers are really getting too much. Everyone and their mother has one and they all link to each other. I got the one from Pluginboutique that forwarded me to Uaudio where I had to make an account and then download and install their manager, after which I needed to start and login to the ilok manager… 3 managers, 3 accounts, all just to run one plugin. The compressor is nice and all, but it’s just not worth all this hassle. Worst thing is all the crap that stays running in the background on your computer even if you’re not doing anything with music. Is this our thanks for being honest? Has this stopped a single pirate?

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