Get Up To 76% Off Softube Plugins During The Black Week Sale!


Until the 29th of November, you can take advantage of the Black Week Sale to grab any Softube products at highly discounted prices on PluginBoutique.

Most of their plugins are discounted at 60% off, with a few exceptions going up to 70% or more in terms of discounts.

It’s also worth noting that PluginBoutique offers a free plugin with any purchase. You can choose between Drum Synth, Mellow 2, Dawesome Love, Vision 4X Lite, and the LA-2A Compressor.

Now, let’s dive into some of the best Softube offerings!


Softube Parallels is a unique dual-source soft synthesizer, now available for $49.

It features almost a hundred high-quality sampled multi-waveforms and five Softube studio effects.

These waveforms come from classic synths, digital and analog, hard-wired and modular, FM and phys mod, along with environmental and combined sources. 

The playback method can be described as wave scanning, with pre-defined loop lengths per source. 

The user can choose how far and at which rate the playhead will move through the source scene before returning to its starting point and settling into its sustain loop. 

It allows up to fourteen voices when both sources are active.

Parallels offer three analogue-modelled filter types: state-variable, vactrol LPG, and resonant peaks.

It also includes five types of modulation sources: LFO, random, Euclidian sequencer, step sequencer, and envelope. The effects comprise distortion, chorus, flanger, delay, and reverb.

Overall, it’s an inspirational, creative, and great-sounding synth, and it contains presets from some of the best sound designers in the industry.

British Class A

British Class A delivers the unmistakable British Console sound within your DAW with four plugin versions: British Class A plug-in, British Class A for Console 1, British Class A for Amp Room (4 Modules), and British Class A for Modular (4 Modules).

It’s available now at 89$, and while it’s still quite pricey, you would be surprised by its sound.

I’m a Console One happy user, the Softube’s trademark hardware controller with its accompanying software of emulated sought-after analog consoles and processors.

In my experience, everything that passes through it sounds fuller, deeper, and wider thanks to its great sounding saturation and harmonic enhancement.

The British Class A expansion channel strip stands out for its fat, deep-sounding bottom-end, silky-smooth top-end, and depth-and-width-creating saturation.

While the market is full of promising analog-sounding plugins, there are just a few that sound as good as Softube ones.

All plugins support Windows and macOS machines, with AU, VST, VST3, and AAX as plugin formats.

An internet connection and an iLok account are required to activate the products.

Get the deal: Softube Black Week (Up to 70% off on selected plugins until November 29th)


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