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AI has been one of those big buzzwords bandied about in the audio DSP realm for some time. There are plenty of mixing and mastering assistants to help you corral a song.

However, there aren’t many ways to generate a sound powered by AI. Now, we’ll ignore the newly released Synplant 2 for just a moment and focus instead on Audialab’s Emergent Drums 2.

For a limited time during this sale season, you can grab Emergent Drums for the low price of $49.

So, what is the Emergent Drums plugin, and how can it help you generate drum sounds?

Simply put, it is an AI-powered drum synthesizer. I have no shortage of drum machine plugins, and you could write an expose on my sample hoarding habits.

What Emergent Drums offers up is the ability to generate your own samples on the fly. These come in various sounds, with your usual suspects like kicks and snares being readily accounted for.

You can also generate percussion elements of all sorts, like claves, congas, toms, and so forth. The sounds are convincing enough, akin to a well-loved drum sampler or synthesized options.

It wouldn’t be my first choice for a metal mix since you’re aiming for more acoustic sounds there. However, for electronic music genres, it works well.

I originally covered Emergent Drums during my tenure at Soundbytes Magazine, where I was impressed by the overall versatility. After its initial release, it saw a massive update in the form of version 2.0.

This brought a new AI model to the fore for generating sounds, which complements the legacy modeler fairly well. I enjoyed the glitchy percussion and lo-fi quality of the original release, but version 2.0 is imminently more usable as a whole.

Emergent Drums at its current price is a steal, especially when compared to the asking price throughout most of the year. As to whether you can find an effective use for it, that will be entirely up to your needs and how strongly you’ve been afflicted with Gear Acquisition Syndrome.

Emergent Drums is available for Windows and Mac computers. The sale itself doesn’t have an expiration date that I could find readily on the site, so move fast before it is gone for good.

Check out the deal: Emergent Drums 2 (Available for $49 for a limited time)


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  1. 80% OFF and it cost 50USD? This one never costed 250USD!!! :-D
    A steal? Maybe. But for my wallet.

    (BPB, 2023, April 16)
    “Audialab releases Emergent Drums ($149.99), an AI-powered drum synthesizer plugin for Windows and macOS. A 20% OFF discount is available.”

  2. Dont bother this fart machine. It produces horrible sounds which nowhere sound ‘identical’ to the sound you feed into it.

    • Frank Labuschagne


      Most of the generative things are kinda bad at harmonics “understanding” regarding what humans “want”, so to say. Can you say fizz?

      Though I haven’t tried that, i like the basic idea. Something like AIR drum synth (but with more control over the individual engines, sampler, wavetables, etc) mixed with that would be kinda nice.

  3. I’ve bought it a while back, because I got tired of going though my drum sample collection ever time. The sounds it produces are more miss than hit, but it’s just a matter of time before something ok comes around, where setting 99% random still produces near identical things. 100% sometimes suddenly sounds that are of a completely different category. Many samples have parts of different samples in there. It’s not the best AI model they’ve built. Considering it’s just pressing the same button and whatever it produces is original, I still think it’s better than browsing folders. Sounds are always mono and even though that doesn’t bother me too much it’s a little disappointing. Worst downside however is how it doesn’t generate sounds locally. It NEEDS to be online to generate samples. If I knew this before hand I probably wouldn’t have bought it, but I can live with it. Until they pull the plug that is, and always-online services will do this sooner or later. Don’t expect this to still work in a few years. Perhaps it’s best to pull out an afternoon and build your own packs from it before that happens.

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